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Syria and Iran make military pact to send message to Israel; Could this turn out to be the foretold destruction of Damascus?

Iran is up to its old tricks again, claiming they are ready to fully comply with IAEA demands.  Fortunately, nobody is buying it.  "Iran's proposal today does not appear to be consistent with the fair and balanced draft agreement proposed by the IAEA in consultation with the United States, Russia, and France," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the US has yet to formulate an official response to the development.

This is just another stall tactic that will ultimately lead to Iran becoming a nuclear powered nation.  I do not see the US or Israel attacking Iran before they reach there goal.  If Israel is talking about an attack it's unlikely they are actually ready to carry it out.  It's my guess that any attack that may transpire will happen just as it did when Israel secretly bombed Syria's nuclear facilities back in late 2007.  This attack, if it does take place, will be a secret and will shock the world, but according to military sources, may be way to complicated for Israel to pull off.    

Of course, it is no secret that Iran and Syria are allies, but over the weekend, they made it official by signing a defense cooperation deal.   This show of cooperation only brings to the forefront the magnitude of  a very big problem Israel faces.  Israel has given the US until the end of 2009 to do something about Iran's nuclear program or they will respond.  Iran's message to Israel and the world...attacking Iran means a military response by Syria as well.  And if you remember, not more than a few weeks ago Syria and Turkey struck a military cooperation deal.  It will be interesting to see where this leads in the near future. 

But what if Israel does attack Iran?  And what will happen when Syria responds?  Many believe that the Bible foretells of the total destruction of  Damascus (Isaiah 17:1-3).  This, of course, has not happened to date.  Could it be, if Israel does decide to attack Iran's nuclear sites, that Syria will immediately stage a counter attack against Israel?  And if so, is it possible that Israel will decide to use nuclear force against Syria?  Could this be the war where Isaiah 17:1-3 comes to fruition...bringing about the total destruction of Syria's capital city Damascus?

Time is definitely running short!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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