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Question: Are we close to the rapture of the church or could it really be twenty (or more) years away? Mayan calendar 2012

Question?  As we always say, we can't know the day or hour, but this one pastor, or preacher Mike Bickle, is always saying in his speeches how its 20 or more years away, probably. He always mentions that number. He can't say that for sure? But, anyway, with things happening at such a record pace it has to be soon, and I mean really soon, like a few years or so because we can't possibly just come to a dead halt and forget about globalism the whole world is pushing through, what Israel and the Palestinians are demanding now, Iran and its bombs, etc, etc.  I just don't get how people say we're near but it's probably  20 years or more.  Not to mention the pandemics and storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions... Hal Lindsey states every week, I watch him how to prepare for we are extremely close, within a few years the way things are going. We are supposed to know the season,  when a mother is in labor it doesn't continue and then stop, and then start and then stop, it slowly, or quickly gets worse and then she delivers. No one has been pregnant for 20 months.  Things are really moving fast. Do you feel its 20 years away or more? 

Thanks for your question.  Actually, I do not think we are 20 years away from the rapture of the church.  For the same reasons that you gave in your question, I also believe we are very close.  

I suspect the coming year to be very tense in the Middle East.  In fact, there are rumblings that war is inevitable with Hamas in the short-term (2-6 months) if the Shalit deal falls through.  That's not to mention the threat of Hezbollah missiles in Southern Lebanon.  Every day, their missile stockpiles seem to be growing and getting more sophisticated.  

If Israel does decide to attack Iran it will be sooner than later.  US President Barack Obama warned Chinese Prime Minister Hu Jintao in Beijing last month that his government could only hold off Israel from attacking Iran for so long.  That is not good news for those who are working for a peaceful resolution.  

Today, at a Russian-sponsored debate in Jordan, Middle East experts warned that war could be on the horizon if the world did not seize the opportunity before them for peace.

In remarks endorsed by Palestinian and Arab participants, he [Gershon Baskin of the Israel-Palestine Center for Research] said 2009 had been "a wasted year." Next year could be "ripe for peace, but also ripe for an explosion" unless the Russians, the Europeans and the United Nations stepped up their role.

Former Russian Prime Minister Evgeny Primakov warned that a "real crisis" could develop that may strengthen the position of radical elements in the Muslim world and fuel a religious war, if the international community did not intervene.

I can't believe that this explosion can or will be held off for another twenty years without Divine intervention.  As I brought to you in my last report, the US Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review, who charts the future global direction of the intelligence world, forecasts that the world will be awash with weapons of mass destruction as earlier as 2025.  In that report, it was also stated that it was very likely rogue terrorists would possess these weapons as well.  We are living in dangerous times indeed!

Here's a little advice.  When trying to determine what Scripture is saying, I would suggest that you stay away from fringe type prophecy teachers and speakers, and cling to those who you know God is speaking to.  For the most part, you can't go wrong with Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and Jimmy DeYoung just to name a few.  Outside of myself, these are the men I would recommend for you to read, watch and listen to.  They are proven men of God who I believe have the Holy Spirit resting upon them to teach the truth of these lasts days.  Certainly, there are many others and for a complete list go to

One other thing, today is December 21, 2009, which is exactly three years from the so-called end of the the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012).  If you haven't heard, there is a movie out called "2012" that depicts what Hollywood would have you to believe will happen in three years when the calendar finally runs its course.  Certainly, it's not Biblical but it has raised a tremendous amount of interest and is leading many down the wrong path.  That's why it is crucial that you watch and be diligent as to who you listen to in these last days.

If you do not know the Lord my prayer for you is that you accept Him before it's too late!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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