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Abbas to U.S.: Negotiate with Israel on our behalf

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has proposed that the Obama administration negotiate the final borders of a Palestinian state with Israel, a Palestinian official said Wednesday, as a U.S. envoy headed to the region for another attempt to restart Mideast peace talks.

Such a proxy arrangement could provide a way around the current deadlock over reviving Israeli-Palestinian talks, which broke off more than a year ago. Abbas says he won't return to the table without a complete Israeli settlement freeze, something Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to do.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has asked the US to negotiate with Israel on final borders of a Palestinian state on his behalf.  He has also asked that Israel agree to a six month building freeze.  Experts see this as a way for Mr. Abbas to re-enter negotiations without "losing face".  It will be interesting to see if the US actually agrees to act as a proxy for the PA.  As I brought to you back on January 13th, WND reported that the creation of a Palestinian state was in the final stages.  I can't confirm this report but talk of final borders does make me wonder if there is some truth to what WND has reported.  It also opens up the possibility that the Antichrist may indeed act as a proxy for the state of Palestine when the final agreement is signed (Daniel 9:27).  As you know, Scripture states that the final peace accord will be with the Antichrist, Israel, and many other nations.

French President Sarkozy is making headlines in the Middle East again.  Israel has sent out a warning to Lebanon, Syria and Iran, that if Hezbollah pushes Israel to war, they would hold Lebanon and anyone connected accountable.  Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has asked for Mr. Sarkozy's help in reining in Israel.  According to the report, which quotes what it calls a credible French source, Sarkozy "promised to deal with the matter"  Mr. Sarkozy should be considered at the very least a credible end times player.

Where are we at in this end times scenario?  That's hard to say, but it looks like Middle East peace is inevitable if nothing more than a forced peace.  I can't look into the mind of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but it almost sounds as though yesterday's threat by the EU that aid may be cut off if they do not see results may have struck a cord.  That could have lead Mr. Abbas to ask the US to act on his behalf as a way of putting pressure on Israel to engage in constructive talks.  The next step we may see could be the US applying similar pressure on Israel to get a deal done.

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Terry Malone

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