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Palestinians study U.S. idea for Mideast talks; Barak predicts peace talks in month or 2

President Mahmoud Abbas is studying a US proposal for talks between the Palestinians and Israel at a level below full-scale negotiations between their leaders, a Palestinian official said on Monday.

The proposal is the latest idea by US Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell to bring about a resumption of peace talks that have been frozen for 13 months. 

Palestinian sources familiar with Mitchell's weekend round of diplomacy said he had proposed confidence-building measures that would improve conditions in the Palestinian territories. 

Israeli officials, noting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had on Sunday welcomed unspecified "new ideas" for talks from Mitchell, said their government stood ready to take part in US-mediated discussions with Palestinian officials.

Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have shown interest in a US proposal that would re-start talks at a less than full scale level.  

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated that he believes peace talks will resume in a month or two:

"On the surface the diplomatic process appears asleep and frozen, but I don't think that's really accurate," he said. "Under the surface both sides want negotiations."

"In the next month or two I think negotiations will restart," he said.  "It (the peace process) is not going at the pace we wanted, but things are definitely happening."

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said in an interview that the EU should make it a top priority to bring Israel and the PA back to the negotiations table immediately.  Spain is currently serving as EU rotating president for the next six months.  "Europe must push for a peaceful solution of two states for two people as soon as possible.  A year is the maximum timeframe," he said in an interview to a German newspaper.

Of course, he started the interview by saying that the two sides should meet but in the end stated that "they will decide when and how."  This final statement has proved to be the undoing of the talks from day one.  Ultimately, it will lead to a false peace but how much time will pass before that point arrives is anyone's guess.  As far as prophecy is concerned, the EU's willingness to take a lead role in the peace talks is an encouraging development.  The European Union is believed by many prophecy experts to be the bloc of countries that will produce the Antichrist who will broker the Middle East peace plan with Israel (Daniel 9:27).

In other news, Israeli Electric Car Company Better Place, has secured major financing to expand its major operations outside of Israel, Denmark and Australia.  The first full scale operational launch is set for 2011 in Israel and Denmark.  The cars are rated to travel as far as 140 miles on a single charge and can either be recharged by an electrical outlet or have the battery switched out at a switching station (see demonstration). 

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