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Arab League chief presses for Palestinian state

Moussa was asked about a comment by Javier Solana, the European Union's former foreign policy chief, who said in November that moving to set up a viable Palestinian state "has to be done with time and with calm and in an appropriate moment." He was also asked whether the Arabs would support European recognition of a Palestinian state or putting the question of a Palestinian state to a UN Security Council resolution.

"All of us have tried managing the crisis and we have come to a conclusion that a Palestinian state will come," Moussa said. "If it doesn't come there will be one state. It's either or, and we are moving to this area and soon, sooner than many people think."

This is shocking to hear that Arab League chief Amr Moussa would say that the world would see either a two-state solution or a one-state solution and it was approaching "sooner than many people think."

At this time, both sides are refusing to give into the others demands bringing negotiations to a halt for the last 13 months.  But lately, even member leaders of the Arab League are pressuring Palestinian Leader Abbas to swallow hard and get back to the negotiations table and get the deal done.  This plays into my last article where I stated I felt the Arab League leaders were beginning to tire of pre-conditions of Mr. Abbas.

I believe the peace accord may very well be in the final stages of completion at least for the establishment of a Palestinian state.  The division of Jerusalem will be dealt with at some point down the road, likely with a time limit attached to it.  According to Zechariah 12:2-3, in the last days, many nations will try to solve the question of Jerusalem, but in the end, they will be destroyed.

Mr. Abbas made a statement earlier today that he would not even consider talking to the Israeli's unless he was guaranteed the return of all East Jerusalem as it was before 1967.

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Terry Malone

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