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Egyptian sources: Israel prepares to strike Iran from Gulf and N. Iraq

Debkafile Iranian and military sources report the war threats from Damascus this week were backed by massive Iranian airlifts for boosting Syria 's missile arsenal. Fresh supplies also reached the Lebanese Hizballah and Hamas in Gaza . Wednesday, Feb. 3, Syrian president Bashar Assad accused Israel of seeking war, while his foreign minister Walid Moallem boasted: "You know that war at this time will come to your cities." They spoke after taking delivery of 100 new medium-range surface-to-surface missiles from Iran in January. 

Moallem's threat was comprehensive: .Syria calls on Israel to halt directing threats once against Gaza , another against South Lebanon, then Iran and now Syria .

His message that all four extremist allies had formed a mutual defense pact against Israel raised temperatures to a dangerous level in the region. Syria will not stand by idly next time round if Israel goes to war against Iran 's nuclear program or an aggressive Hizballah or Hamas, but go for Israel 's cities.

This was public confirmation for the first time of debkafile's disclosure that on Dec. 17, Iranian defense minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi signed a secret military pact with his Syrian opposite number Gen. Ali Habib in Damascus , with Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah appending his signature later.  Debkafile

According to Debkafile military and intelligence sources, Israel is in the preparation stage of striking Iran's nuclear facilities.  The US navy, who has been prowling Persian Gulf waters just off the Iranian coast, will assist in the attack.  Here is an excerpt of the report: 

The Israeli Navy together with the US Fifth Fleet have for some weeks been charting Persian Gulf waters and Iranian shorelines in preparation for attacks by Israeli naval and special operations forces.

IDF intelligence and special forces officers, they also say, have been marking out routes for their air and ground forces to drive into Iran and hit its nuclear installations.

According to these Egyptian sources, Saudi Arabia has demanded clarifications from Washington about reported US-assisted Israeli preparations to strike Iran and asks why they were not brought to the notice of Riyadh and the Gulf Arab governments.

The Saudis added that several Gulf intelligence and naval units had tracked Israeli movements and gathered documentary evidence.  Debkafile

Over the last few days, Syria and Israel have been in a war of words that has escalated into a state of war preparedness.  Syria, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah have renewed their mutual defense pact against Israel and now have stated it publicly for the first time.  

Reports are surfacing that Syria just took delivery of 100 new medium-range surface-to-surface missiles from Iran within the last month.  These powerful missiles would definitely reach the heart of Israeli cities causing massive causalities and destruction.  Syria is also stepping up deliveries to Hezbollah of missiles and parts for what could escalate into an all out regional war.  Eventually, it will come.

The US is calling for both Israel and Syria to show restraint and to return to the negotiations table.  Frankly, I don't know if that day will come, but peace could come first.  This may be the beginning of a war that may shock the world described in Isaiah 17 which predicts the complete destruction of Damascus (Syria's capital)...never again to be inhabited.  

News that Syria is now in possession of an Iranian delivery system (medium range missile) that can reach key Israeli cities with accuracy should be of great concern. reported, Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi stated in late 2009 that their newly tested medium range missiles (Sajjil-2) would serve to be a deterrent to any foreign invaders.  "He said the new version can be fired more quickly and flies faster than previous ones making it harder to shoot down, though he did not give further details."

"Given its high speed," he said, speaking on state TV, "it is impossible to destroy the missile with anti-missile systems because of its radar-evading ability."

Whether or not the Sajjil-2 was the medium range missiles airlifted to Syria is unknown at this time, but this report has definitely fanned the flames of war.

The only question is, will war break out in the region before the Antichrist brings his false peace?  Personally, I believe peace will come first but will be followed quickly by a war that will change the face of the Middle East forever. 

Lord Jesus, may we ever remain faithful to your Word and attentive to Your Voice.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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