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Huge 8.8 mag. quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens Pacific; January-Haiti; February-Chile; March-?; Is This The Beginning Of Birth Pangs As Described In The Bible?

By now, you have probably heard about the massive earthquake that struck Chile earlier this morning.  This is a terrible development that has devastated different areas of the world twice in as many months.  Although, this is terrible, it should raise a prophetic red flag.  Two major earthquakes, with the latest setting off a tsunami that could affect one-quarter of world's population, is exactly what our Lord described would be a sign of the last days (Matthew 24:7).  He also said they would occur in divers (different) places.

Of courses, this will be discounted by every doubter in the world, but there will come a time when all doubts will be made crystal clear.  As we draw closer to the rapture of the church, look for this prophecy to increase in intensity like birth pangs coming upon an expectant mother.  

I was watching a prophecy seminar a few days ago, where noted prophecy expert Dr. Ed Hinson (Liberty University), was speaking on the nearness of the rapture of the church.  Certainly, he didn't give any predictions or dates, but he did make one astute observation.  Although, he did not know when the rapture would take place, he was aware from the signs of the Bible that the stage was set for it to take place.  He gave this excellent example to illustrate what he meant by the stage being set.  When he arrived a few days early at the auditorium, he noticed that nothing had been put in place.  It was simply an empty auditorium with no indication that a prophecy conference was going to take place in the near future.  But when he arrived several hours before the conference was to begin he could tell without a doubt what was about to take place.  Although the conference had not begun the stage had been set and everything was ready and in place.  His point, we don't know when the rapture will take place, but if we are in tune with God's prophetic Word, we can look around us and clearly see that everything is in place starting with the rebirth of Israel. 

I'm not making a prediction, but don't be surprised if we continue to see major earthquakes pop up in different places around the world as we have over the last two months.  The stage is definitely being set, and truthfully, I look for more of the same.

In other news, the New York Times is reporting that Iran has moved its entire low-enriched uranium to an above ground facility.  This move has left experts scratching their heads as to why Iran would do this:

"The theories run from the bizarre to the mundane: Under one, Iran is actually taunting the Israelis to strike first. Under another, it is simply escalating the confrontation with the West to win further concessions in negotiations. The simplest explanation, and the one that the Obama administration subscribes to, is that Iran has run short of suitable storage containers for radioactive fuel, so it had to move everything," the NYT said.

"There’s no technical explanation, so there has to be some other motivation,” one senior Obama administration official was quoted by the NYT as saying.

According to the report, the "strangest of speculations" is that Iran's Revolutionary Guards are inviting an attack to unify the country after eight months of anti-government street demonstrations.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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