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U.S. vows to assign blame if Israel-PA talks fail; PA Welcomes Move

Renewed indirect peace talks between Palestine and Israel could start by this Sunday, but Israel says they will not start where former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert left off back in late 2008.  Reports indicate that Olmert offered Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas up to 94% of the West Bank and additional Israeli land to compensate for the remaining 6%.  

The Jerusalem Post has also learned that the talks will not focus on creating borders.  Israel states there is no need to talk about borders until a plan is created where security arrangements can be put in place.  Frankly, I believe this will put the global community on the hook to place an international force (led by the US) on the West Bank and Israeli border.  The US or EU (or both) will ultimately have to guarantee Israel's security.

In an exclusive report by, the US has determined that if the indirect talks breakdown, they will stand up and assign blame on the party that causes the breakdown.  "We expect both parties to act seriously and in good faith. If one side, in our judgment, is not living up to our expectations, we will make our concerns clear and we will act accordingly to overcome that obstacle," it was written (  Abbas welcomed the announcement and seen it as a positive response toward peace. 

Some senators are also calling for the US to stop leaning toward Israel and to put pressure on both parties by threatening to cut off aid.  Both Israel and the PA depend heavily on US aid, but particularly Israel for military aid. They are calling on the Obama administration to use this leverage to force Israel to conform to peace.  Eventually, this will be one of the mechanisms the US will use to bring Israel into a peace agreement. I won't say that the US will bring peace, but I do believe they will be the dominate world power when peace does come.

This response from the US is bad news for Israel and the Bible says it will lead to an ill-conceived peace plan (Daniel 9:27; Ezekiel 38:7, 11 & 14) that will bring on an attack by the Russian-Islamic Alliance, and eventually, the Antichrist.  

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Terry Malone

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