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Indirect peace talks still on for Sunday despite clashes; 'Iran developing massive launch site' with help from North Korea

According to Hamas commander Ahmed Jabri, the terrorist group is losing control of Gaza and is deteriorating quickly.  Apparently, rival groups are mysteriously assassinating Hamas operatives and several loud explosions around government buildings have been heard.  No on has claimed responsibility for any assassination or bomb blast to date.

This is obviously good news for Israel, and frankly, I wouldn't rule out Israel's secret service (Mossad) being behind the whole thing.  But some have speculated that Jabri has angered a few in the Hamas community because he carried out hits on some of his own men to settle personal scores.  His feeling, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few in order to maintain the direction of the movement.  I would suspect that he will either be replaced or assassinated in the near future. But don't look for this mini uprising to change the will of the Palestinian people.  They will still have a deep hatred toward Israel and Hamas will continue to rule.

In other news, last week, Iran began transporting its yellowcake uranium supply from underground to above ground storage facilities in plain sight of satellite imagery.  This week, they have begun building a new rocket launch site, with the help of the North Koreans, and again, in plain view of satellite imagery.  The rocket launcher is said to be capable of launching the Simorgh, a long-range Iranian-made missile unveiled in early February.  This missile has a dual capability of carrying a military load or to be used as a space-launch vehicle (satellite space transporter).

An Israeli official said today that a military strike by Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities would be quietly supported by the Islamic world...even some extremist states.  But he made it clear that Israel had no intention of bombing Iran unless there was no other option.

As it stands, the US has backtracked on placing a fourth round of tough sanctions on Iran due to pressure from Russia and China.  The new watered down version will fall just short of a hand slap and certainly will fail to turn Iran away from their goal of becoming a nuclear nation. 

This situation is becoming red hot, but in the end, I believe the US will convince Israel that their (US) missile defense shield can protect them from any nuclear weapons program Iran can produce.  They will also remind them of the devastating economic and political consequences that such a strike would have on the region.  With the US trying to emerge from a global recession, the last thing they need is Israel starting a regional war that would send oil prices through the roof.  You can bet Iran has taken all of this into account and no longer believes Israel, and especially the US, is willing to risk setting the region aflame.

Someone emailed me the other day and asked what was going on with the Temple Mount?  In short, nothing is happening that is going to bring about Israel regaining control of the Temple Mount.  Recently, Iranian backed Hamas teens began hurling stones from the Al-Aqsa mosque at Jews worshipping at the Western Wall.  Immediately, Israeli riot police were called into stop the attackers.  In the process of bringing order, Israeli police were forced to storm the mosque and evacuate it.  This move was believed to be orchestrated by Iran to squelch renewed indirect peace talks slated to begin on Sunday.  Israel's entrance into the mosque was seen as a desecration of the mosque and an attempt to stir up a religious war.  So far, the talks are still on schedule to begin tomorrow.

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Terry Malone

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