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Deadly quakes are coincidence, scientists say; Biden: US will always stand by those who take risks for peace

Scientists around the globe are coming out in droves to calm fears over the recent spike in earthquakes.  "I can definitely tell you that the world is not coming to an end," said Bob Holdsworth, an expert in tectonics at Durham University in northern England, referring to the number of quakes (   Maybe not, but it's got people worldwide running scared wondering where the next one will strike.  

Is this increase in highly visible earthquakes just a big coincidence?  I certainly don't think so.  The Bible says in the last days, certain things will take place to verify it is the last days.  First, Israel had to come back after thousands of years and be reborn.  That happened back on May 14, 1948 and officially signaled the start of the last days.  Then Jerusalem was recaptured and has now become the stumbling block to Middle East peace the Bible said that it would be (Zechariah 12:3).  Right now another piece of the prophetic puzzle is being played out as Israel, the US, the Arab League, and the Palestinian Authority sit down and attempt to bring peace to the region through indirect talks.  As we know, the Bible is clear that this peace will not come until the man of sin is revealed (II Thessalonians 2:2-9).  For other signs of the last days see my video "Rapture Signs".

Along with all these signs, the Bible mentions that earthquakes in divers places would be a major sign that would precede the end of the age.  But what makes this recent increase in earthquakes so significant is that it is taking place during the time when Israel has been reborn, Jerusalem has been restored, and peace in the Middle East is being hotly pursued.  Frankly, with only a spike in earthquakes without the presence of these other signs it would mean nothing.  

Speaking of the indirect Middle East peace talks, just when momentum was starting to build, Israel decides to announce that they have okayed the building of 1600 new homes in East Jerusalem.  Of course, Palestinian and Arab officials were quick to point the finger at Israel accusing them of sabotaging the peace talks.  

I have to admit, not a smart move by Israel under any circumstance. Certainly, if Israel follows through with this project, it will place the blame for any breakdown in peace talks squarely on their shoulders. At this point, the Arab League has given the US one last window of opportunity (4 months) to push peace forward, but it would be difficult to find anyone sitting down at the table that truly believes peace has a chance to be accomplished.  At face value that would be my guess as well, but one day soon, peace will come.

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said in a recent interview that Israel needs to attack Iran very soon if they have any hope of stopping them from becoming a nuclear weapons state.  He further stated, contrary to most of the intelligence world, that he believes such an attack could damage Iran's nuclear program.  Many in the intelligence community believe an Israeli attack would do more harm than good and would only set Tehran back a few years...not nearly worth the global catastrophe it would cause.  

The next four months will be interesting and covered with potential landmines for Israel.  The US has made it clear they will cast blame on the nation that causes the peace process to fail.  At the same time, they have made it clear that they will stand behind any nation that is willing to take risks to bring peace.  If Israel is willing to take the necessary risks to bring peace the US is ready to guarantee their security. 

Sounds like the cards are being heavily stacked against Israel.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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