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US envoy cancels Mideast trip, Israel feud deepens

Israel and the US continue to be at near crisis mode after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that building in East Jerusalem would continue.  Despite the announcement, He is schedule to visit Washington this week to attend the annual meeting of the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC.  He considered canceling his trip in light of the recent developments and the likely chilly response from the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, violence between Palestinians and Israeli forces continue to spiral out of control in Jerusalem as the Holy city remains on high alert.  So far, more than sixty people have been injured and twenty have been arrested.

As stated in an article by posted yesterday, Jerusalem, the burdensome stone (Zechariah 12:3), is now coming to the forefront as the main stumbling block of Middle East talks.  Certainly, we as Bible students saw this prophecy coming years ago.  

So where will this sudden turn of events take us?  Iran is still looking to become a nuclear state, and Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said recently, if they plan on stopping them they'd better attack soon.  But with Israel and the US at odds over Jerusalem, an operation of this magnitude just got that much harder.  I have to believe their window of opportunity is about to be lost.  

This is what I see for the future.  I look for Israel to get back to the negotiating table and finally get a deal signed.  President Obama will continue to press Israel like no other US president has and it might even include an ultimatum.  

I also do not see Israel attacking Iran, but instead, putting their trust in the US, EU, and allies to shield them from the Iranian threat.  I believe Israel will see the time of peace as described in Ezekiel 38:8, 11 & 14 before war finally breaks out.

We are on the verge of something major taking place in the Middle East.  Whether it will be war or peace only the Lord knows for sure, but don't look for things to quiet down any time soon.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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