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Washington sharpens crisis with Israel, may give Palestinians military shield; Rumor: CENTCOM could takeover control of Palestinian territories

The Obama administration is publicly telling the world that there is no crisis between the US and Israel, but in secret they are making demands that would place Israel in a very dangerous position.  

According to Debkafile intelligence sources, US President Obama has laid out three pre-conditions to Israel if they want to see high level diplomatic relations restored:

1.  The Netanyahu government must extend the 10-month freeze on West Bank settlement construction to include East Jerusalem;
2.  When the moratorium runs out in September, it must be renewed for the duration of peace negotiations with the Palestinians;
3. Israeli must make more concessions to the Palestinian Authority and its chairman Mahmoud Abbas.  Debkafile

There was also a fourth yet undisclosed demand--Israel would under no circumstance attack Iran's nuclear facilities without prior US consent.  The report fingers Vice President Joe Biden as the main architect of the conditions.

Israel has already made a counter offer to their conditions but the US rejected them outright.  According to reports, they are determined to bring Israel back to the peace table under US conditions.

In other related news, CENTCOM chief, General David Petraeus, has linked Israel's continued settlement building to increased danger to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  "Clearly the tensions on these issues [with Israel ] have enormous effect on the strategic context in which we operate in the Central Command's area of responsibility."  In other words, Israel's continued settlement building in the face of peace talks has a direct negative affect on US security in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.  Whether or not this is the truth, the UN and the international community are more than happy to embrace this report.

Here's a twist in the story that caught my attention. During General Petraeus' intelligence briefing, he was asked if he had indeed formally requested for the Palestinian territories to be transferred to his command.  He denied that any such request had been made.  

Frankly, I wouldn't even begin to speculate what this move would entail or what responsibilities CENTCOM undertake.  Would it mean that allied forces would in affect take control of the region?  At this time, the Israeli military accentually controls the West Bank.  "Debkafile's military sources explain that, if approved, this step would be tantamount to providing the Palestinians with an American military umbrella against Israel ."   Debkafile

Would Israel actually yield responsibility of the West Bank to CENTCOM?  For years, I have looked for a move such as this to take place.  I believe it sets the stage for a major push toward peace in the Middle East.  

This is the scenario I believe could come out of this move.  I look for Israel to come to terms with the US on all preconditions including requesting prior US consent to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.  In return, the US will restore Israeli-US relations back to normal levels.  

In addition to agreeing to pre-conditions, I wouldn't rule out Israel placing the West Bank under CENTCOM command.  This would likely include allied defensive support and placing military forces in the region.  If CENTCOM does take control, look for East Jerusalem to become an international city thereafter.

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Terry Malone

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