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Israel under veiled US threat of diplomatic isolation; Obama, Netanyahu fail to resolve settlement mess...

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on Monday warned Israel that its survival could be in jeopardy unless it reached a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Her warning came in an address to the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, and followed days of tension between the US and the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a sharp warning to Israel that their very existence could be at stake if they continue on the path they are traveling.  Of course, she believes that the only way to avert such a catastrophe is to make the necessary concessions that will bring about a peace deal with the Palestinians.

There is no question in my mind that Israel is on the verge of agreeing to a peace deal.  It will not be a peace agreement that they will choose, but based on the promise that the US will guarantee their security.  

If you haven't noticed, the Obama administration has taken every opportunity to make the point that the US is more than willing to guarantee Israel's security.  In fact, Mrs. Clinton made this promise clear yesterday during a speech to the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington.  “Our commitment to Israel’s security and Israel’s future is rock solid, unwavering, enduring and forever (”

At this point, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is defying US wishes by continuing to approve building projects in east Jerusalem.  This will serve to be very costly for Israel.  In fact, intelligence website Debkafile, is reporting that the US is in the process of waging a war of silence against Israel.  Sources say that the recent expulsion of an Israeli diplomat by the British government was indirectly approved by the US.  The fact that the US allowed this to happen sent a strong message to Israel of their intentions.  It is perceived that the US is turning up the heat by waging an international war of isolation against Israel.  France is also considering taking similar measures and I suspect other EU nations will follow.  In the short-term, I have to believe that Israel will be forced to comply with Obama administration wishes.

I do not question the sincerity of the US promise to protect Israel's security.  When peace does come, the US will have every intention of making good on their promise to keep Israel safe, but in the end, the stakes will be much to high and they will be forced to walk away.  When Russia and their Islamic Alliance (Ezekiel 38 & 39) begin their Biblical attack all will forsake Israel except God.  But as Christians, we've already read the Book so we know how it turns out.

BREAKING NEWS: WASHINGTON — The U.S. military's Central Command has sought to expand its area of operations to include the Palestinian Authority.

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Terry Malone

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