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Obama, Hu weigh sanctions tradeoff against Iran, Israel

Chinese president Hu Jintao indicated a willingness to consider abstaining on a UN Security Council vote imposing sanctions against Iran - if the United States reciprocated by withholding its veto on sanctions against Israel over construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  debkafile's sources report US president Barack Obama did not reject the idea (Debkafile).

The fact that US President Barack Obama did not reject out-of-hand Chinese President Hu Jintao's tit-for-tat offer on UN sanctions leads me to believe he was intrigued.

Most of the world wants Israel to stop building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.  However, they have little means of sanctioning Israel due to the US constantly vetoing action against them.  This offer by China could turn out to be the game changer Obama has been looking for. 

According to our Middle East sources, White House officials dealing with Arab governments were quick to pass the word around of the evolving Obama approach. They tied it in with the US president's special envoy George Mitchell's new plan to push for a negotiated Israel-Palestinian deal on the borders of a Palestinian state to be struck within four months. Mitchell arrives in Jerusalem on April 12 - shortly before the Israeli prime minister is due to take off for Washington (Debkafile).

I will continue to keep you up-to-date on this explosive trade-off as it further develops.

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