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US says won't impose ideas on Israel, PA

WASHINGTON US State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley refused Wednesday to directly address a Washington Post report that President Barack Obama was seriously considering to present a Middle East peace plan in the fall.

Crowley did say that Washington would not try to impose a certain stand on the parties at this stage.

Administration officials fear that the Washington Post report would harm efforts to advance the "proximity talks" between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as the direct negotiations.

According to the report, the American plan would be based on an outline presented by former US President Bill Clinton in 2000. Obama consulted former national security advisors, who gave their blessing for the move.

Crowley clarified that the US would suggest its own ideas, as it has done before, as part of the peace talks, in order to bridge the gaps between Israel and the Palestinians (

US President Barack Obama is strongly leaning toward presenting his own Middle East peace plan sometime in the fall.  It is believed that it will be based on former President Bill Clinton's 2000 plan.  American administration officials fear that Obama's plan would force Israel to comply with the peace plan or face sanctions.  Of course, US State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley says the plan would only present US ideas and would never impose ultimatums on either party. 

It's hard to say whether it will come down to the international community placing ultimatums on Israel.  Frankly, I don't believe the church would allow it.  However, by the time this peace proposal is accepted, the true church will likely be gone.  Even though the US is a friend of Israel's, it is the church that has been the staple in this relationship.  When the church is taken, the US-Israeli relationship will turn hostile.  I don't believe it will get to the point of the US allowing international sanctions to pass against Israel, but serious threats may be directed toward them.

I have to believe Israel knows that a Palestinian state is inevitable and that East Jerusalem will be their capital.  In the end, they will accept a Palestinian state and a short peace will come.

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Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                        Updated April 08, 2010 

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