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After lengthy diplomacy, Mideast peace talks begin; Abbas gives peace talks 4 months

The Middle East Proximity talks began today after months of delay. White House senior adviser David Axelrod says the state of Jerusalem will likely be tackled last. “Jerusalem as an issue can’t be the first issue for negotiations. It probably will be the last,” Axelrod said (Jerusalem Post).
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he would give the talks four months but is predicting that they will break down in two. The immediate problems that separate Israel and Palestinians is security. Israel wants a Palestinian state supported by temporary borders and for them to continue to have a presence in the West Bank. These conditions, of course, are non-starters for the Palestinians. Israel will have to leave the area for good and turn over all but a small portion of the West Bank to the Palestinian regime.
But honestly, it's a pipe dream that they will ever be able to rule the new state without outside help. For years, rumors have been circulating that the minute Israel pulls out of the West Bank, Hamas will takeover the territory. That is highly likely if Israel or a strong outside military force is not present. I would have to believe CENTCOM along with a multi-Arab presence would initially take responsibility for security. That would include a strong European Union presence as well. Whoever it turns out to be Israel's security will certainly have to be assured before they agree to a state.

In other news, the issue of Iran's nuclear program just got red hot for Israel. As you know, Israel has been voicing their concerns over Iran's nuclear program for years. Most intelligence experts now have them declaring nuclear weapon status by as soon as the end of this year. Everything from sanctions to military action has been threatened to no avail. Iran continues to march on toward their nuclear weapon ambitions.

Due to their inability to persuade Iran to change, now the UN permanent members have voted unanimously to make the Middle East a nuclear arms free zone. That means both Iran and Israel would have to scrap any nuclear arms they may have or any endeavors they might have for the future. Frankly, if I'm Iran, I'd take that deal. That would essentially put all the pressure on Israel to comply or face crippling sanctions. Both countries would be held accountable to voluntarily open up all their nuclear facilities for regular inspections by the IAEA. That is, those that are not hidden deep underground in secret locations. 

Personally, I don't believe Israel or Iran will ever agree to fully disclose their nuclear arsenals. In Revelation chapter six the Bible speaks of a time during the tribulation period (seal judgments) where one-quarter of the worlds population will be wiped out. That can only happen by way of an all out nuclear war. 

Syria continues to supply Hezbollah with increasingly sophisticated missiles. The Iranian designed (Syrian copied) M600 missile, which is now in Hezbollah hands, has a range of 187 miles, which places Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city in range.

This is a very dangerous buildup that Israel can no longer ignore. Question is, when will this war commence?

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Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                                                                      Updated May 05, 2010 

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