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Future Peace Will Come Out Of Certain Failure!

US Middle East envoy George Mitchell is scheduled to hold proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians in less than twenty-four hours. At the resumption of talks, US President Obama said he would hold whoever caused a breakdown responsible.  Most considered that a message to Israel that they'd better fall in line with international expectations.  

However, it now appears President Obama is attempting to make amends with Israel. Apparently, he has sent a top level contingency to apologize to some of the leading American rabbis. The message stated that "under new White House guidelines, US Middle East envoy George Mitchell should not try and extract from Israel more concessions that it is willing to offer" when proximity talks begin (,  But this is seen as more of an election scheme to lure back American Jewish voters for democrats than actual true sincerity.  I have to believe his willingness to conduct fair and balanced talks will be short lived come November.

The euro continues to fall at an alarming rate creating panic among Europe's political leaders.  No quick solution seems to be in site.  Investors are heading for safety in the gold and bond markets.  Analyst predict the euro will continue to slide and likely will hit $1.10 against the US dollar before the new year.  If the euro continues to decrease, many European experts expect the economic fallout to bring about major repercussions in the US.  Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker poured even more gas on the fire when he spoke last week of a "potential disintegration of the euro (" Investor fear is far-reaching that the Greece crisis may continue to spread to other weak EU nations.

Iran has agreed to ship its light-enriched uranium to Turkey for processing.  Although this does not satisfy Israel, it will likely appease the US in time.  Eventually, I do see the US and their allies coming to a compromise that will take the military option completely off the table.  As you know, many of the nations involved in this uranium swap (Turkey, Russia, and Iran) will align and attack Israel in a future high-stakes  Middle East battle of winner take all (Ezekiel 38 & 39).

According to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israeli President Shimon Peres offered direct peace talks and the Golan Heights if Syria would cut ties with Iran and terrorist group Hezbollah.  "Our answer is clear," Assad was quoted as saying. "Reality proves Israel is not interested in peace and there is therefore nothing more to say ("  

It's unlikely Syria will ever agree to peace with Israel without an ulterior motive.  That will eventually ring true when peace finally does come to the Middle East.  But don't look for Syria and Iran to ever part company over Israel which will become apparent in the war that will follow.

Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has threatened that he will give proximity talks four months to show fruit or he will walk away.  Most give these talks little to no chance of succeeding.  Frankly, it will take Divine intervention for peace to finally become a reality.  

One day, peace will come and shock the world, but not before one critical obstacle is removed....Christians!  You see, it's not the plan or the man (Antichrist) that will finally bring peace but the departure.  Once we as Christians (along with the Holy Spirit) have been taken out of the way, the Antichrist will rise, God will set the perfect plan in his heart, and peace will be made.  What once looked to be an impossibility will become a reality.  You won't see it coming and many around the world will marvel at the plan.  

As we look out at the continual setbacks that have plagued the Middle East peace process, we can be assured that one day it will all end!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                                                                      Updated May 18, 2010 

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