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Debt crisis dark cloud over Europe...

Temple Mount police, normally very hostile toward Jew's visiting the holy site, were said to be courteous and abnormally lenient during a recent visit.  A large number of religious Jews were visiting the Temple Mount, run by Islamic representatives called the Wakf, were not only quickly accommodated but one person in the group was even allowed to pray prostrate toward the presumed location of the Temple's Holy of Holies.  This is unheard of in modern times.  In the past, Jews have not even been allowed to mutter silent prayers on the Temple Mount let alone participate in open worship.  It's hard to say where this change of heart came from, but it's most likely that it is a false peace gesture from the Arab League.  Could this gesture one day lead to the Temple being allowed to be rebuilt?

The euro continues to drag Europe toward a major economic collapse that is threatening to take the whole world with it.  Economic experts are saying this European crisis is in the beginning stages and predict the worst is still yet to come.  Here is an excerpt from a New York Post article that cites some of the possible directions this crisis could take:

There are, of course, alternatives. Such poor performers as Greece could be evicted from the euro until it has learned its lesson, or it could be allowed to default on its debts and face the consequences. Although these options appear draconian, it is hard to see how they are materially more draconian than the "rescue package" now being imposed on Greece. Watching one of their peers default might actually serve as an example to the next EU dominoes that they need to shape up -- and quickly.

Or Germany might conclude it made a bad deal in giving up the deutschmark and withdraw from the euro -- perhaps forming a currency union with more "responsible" countries, leaving the spendthrifts to fend for themselves. Given the reaction of German voters in local elections after the Greek bailout, Chancellor Angela Merkel may well decide that she has no further latitude for more bailouts financed by understandably unhappy German taxpayers. German withdrawal would not then be fanciful (New York Post).

Personally, I see Germany leaving the EU and forming a new union with the more responsible countries.  That's what should have been done years ago under the "Core EU" plan.  If you remember, this plan was designed to establish a two step process for full EU membership.  Those countries deemed fiscally responsible would step ahead of those who were not there yet.  Each country left behind would enjoy partial EU membership until they have met full integration financial policies. 

In this year alone, we have experienced a noticeable increase in earthquakes, and the Bible says, the worst is yet to come. We are struggling through a European financial crisis that could pull the whole world down with it, and experts claim, the worst is yet to come.  US President Barack Obama has announced to the world that he believes we need an international order if we are to get through these troubled times (international order), and that he would seek it.  Wars and rumors of wars are on every corner of the globe from the Koreas to all of the Middle East, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  And who knows who else will jump in once this powder keg begins to explode.

Is the table being set for the rapture of the church to take place, followed by the appearance of the Antichrist?  Or is this, as many believe, just one more financial and diplomatic correction that the world must experience before things come back into harmony?  Friend, I have a feeling it's about to get much worse for many years to come before it ever gets better.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                                               Updated May 27, 2010 

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