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Condemnation Of Israel Over Flotilla Crisis Flows Freely From International Community Despite Video Facts

The international fallout from the Gaza flotilla has begun, and frankly, those who are on Israel's side will remain on Israel's side, and those who are not, no amount of evidence will sway them from what they choose to believe.  It's not a matter of the facts on the ground it's a matter of who can yell the loudest in the international community.  

This morning, I have been watching video after video that proves Israeli commandos were indeed attacked by terrorist mobs with metal rods, were being stabbed with knives, and attacked with fire bombs.  The video evidence is easily discernable and backs up every word that the Israeli commandos have testified to.  In short, it's idiot proof.  But don't take my word for it, follow this link and judge for yourself.   

Five of the six ships were boarded without incident and inspected, but the largest ship, with 600 people became deadly violent.  Videos shot prior to the search and seizure indict those aboard that ship were shouting known terrorist chants and pledged to either reach Gaza alive or die as martyrs.  Their goal was never a mission of peace or to bring supplies to Gaza, but to incite a riot that would hopefully bring massive injuries and death.  When I say massive injuries and death, I mean the hope of the supposed peace activists was that the Israeli commandos would end up killing and injuring those aboard the ship...even in self defense.  Needless to say, they accomplished their mission and global leaders were all to eager to do their part.  It matters little what the video facts clearly say, when it comes to Israel, the international community had already made up its mind long before the flotilla set sail.

So, why did a violent confrontation take place only on one of the ships, the Miva Marmara?

The answer was made clear later in the day when it was revealed that the Marmara was controlled by and carrying most of the activists belonging to the IHH, a violent Turkish organization that supports Islamic terrorism.

The IHH, it turns out, had co-sponsored and organized the flotilla along with the Free Gaza Movement (Israel Today).

When the ships were taken to the Ashdod port for further inspection and transport to Gaza, they found something strange about the cargo:

"Most of the equipment was scattered in the ships' storerooms and was not packed in an organized manner," said the port's CEO, Shuki Sagis.

"We began unloading in the night," Sagis explained. "We see cargo which was arranged and repacked in order to be led to Gaza, mostly humanitarian cargo, food and toys."

The cargo has yet to be weighed, and according to Sagis, in an ordinary situation the ship would not have been accepted at the port as most of its content was unpacked and unorganized.

Colonel Moshe Levy, head of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Office, said that "there was no need for this cargo. The same goods have been sent into Gaza over the past year on a regular basis. There were more than 100 electric scooters, and tons of medical equipment. This proves that the entire sail was propagandist and provocative and had nothing to do with aid ("

The whole supposed humanitarian effort was staged in an attempt to provoke Israel into an international PR nightmare scenario in hope that "activists" would be killed and injured. 

In response, Egypt, a partner in the Gaza blockade, has temporarily opened their section of the Gaza coast.  Reports are surfacing that two more ships will begin their voyage within 48 hours in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaze.  Israel has vowed not to give into world pressure and that they would continue to uphold the blockade.

So what will be the ultimate fallout from this crisis?  It will serve to further isolate Israel and possibly bring sanctions down on them.  The UN has been itching to sanction Israel for decades but has been prevented by the United Sates.  But US support for Israel in the UN may be changing.  Recently, the US shocked Israel by endorsing an international conference in 2012 with the aim of establishing a nuclear-weapon-free Middle East.  The US has always stood behind Israel's policy of 'nuclear ambiguity' but that looks to be fading.  In the end, I do believe the US will turn their back on Israel.

This could also lead to a worldwide Jewish migration back to the homeland.  The Bible says Israel will experience a major population surge in the last days (Isaiah 43:5-6; Jeremiah 23:3-6).  Jews from every corner of the globe will come back to Israel and make it their new home.  Many will come because they will be hated anywhere else.  Others will return following the start of the tribulation period on into the Millennial Reign of Christ.  This crisis could set off a worldwide wave of anti-Semitism that will leave Jews worldwide no choice but to seek safety within the borders of Israel.  In my opinion, this prophecy has not yet been fully realized.  

News of interest:  WASHINGTON In their last report before the United Nations Security Council votes on sanctions against Iran, international nuclear inspectors declared Monday that Iran has now produced a stockpile of nuclear fuel that experts say would be enough, with further enrichment, to make two nuclear weapons (The New York Times).

" Israel is gradually turning from an asset to the United States to a burden," said Dagan, speaking before the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                                               Updated June 01, 2010 

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