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Iran's Gaza-bound ships ready for clash with Israel - Ahmadinejad; May be escorted by warships and submarines

In past administrations, Israel enjoyed unconditional support from US presidents regarding any anti-Israel UN mandate.  But under the Obama administration, who is attempting to play an unbiased mediator, that has all changed according to analysts.

"Israel became used to unconditional support of the United States during eight years of the Bush administration," said Marina Ottaway, director of the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

"During the George W. Bush years, Washington's automatic siding with Israel on any issue seriously eroded what had been America's long-standing posture as an honest broker in the Middle East," said Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

"Obama has been trying to reclaim that status, while keeping in mind the domestic political need of not being seen as anti-Israel," he said (

Supposedly, the Obama administration doesn't want this to come off as biased toward Israel, so to make the point clear to the Islamic world, they have agreed to support resolutions previous administrations would never support.

In related news, Iran has said they have sent an aid flotilla of their own to break Israel's Gaza blockade.  One of the ships allegedly is a hospital ship that will give medical help to the people of Gaza.  Iran has stated that they do not believe Israel would dare stop the hospital ship, but most believe their inclusion of this ship is only to incite world anger against Israel.  We'll breach the Gaza blockade," the Iranian president vowed. The Iranian Red Crescent vessels will carry "volunteer marines" of the Revolutionary Guards "who will teach the Israelis a lesson (Debkafile)."  This Iranian flotilla will consist of three ships and possibly Iranian warships and submarines.

Debkafile's intelligence sources report that he promised Turkish leaders to attach Iranian warships and submarines to the Red Crescent ships for their voyage through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean . For some months, one or two Iranian submarines have been deployed in the Mediterranean using Syrian naval port facilities.

The showdown between Turkey and Israel , said Ahmadinejad, "will change many issues in the world and mark the final countdown for Israel 's existence. It shows that it has no room in the region and no one is ready to live alongside it (Debkafile)."

If this clash goes off as advertised, look for a major situation to develop.  Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said " Iran would pull some stunt in the next couple of days" to disrupt the unity of the UN Security Council.  If you remember, the UN is meeting this week to nail down another round of sanctions against Iran.

This is a very dangerous time for Israel to say the least.  Just in the last few days, Turkey, Syria, Russia, and Iran have formed close alliances.  Today, leaders from three of the four countries (Russia, Turkey, and Iran) met in Istanbul for a security summit.  This was viewed by most military experts as a direct message to the United States as to who was in charge in that region of the world.  It also sent a message to those who might support strong sanctions against Iran as to where they stood on the matter. “If the U.S. and its allies think they could hold the stick of sanctions and then sit and negotiate with us, they are seriously mistaken,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a news conference (The New York Times).

In another twist in the region, Russia has diverted a natural gas pipeline that was originally planned to run through Israel to now be rerouted to run through Syria.  According to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, due to the recent  Mediterranean natural gas strike in Israel, they no longer need Russian gas.  

This diversion speaks volumes as to how large Russia believes this Israeli natural gas strike is.  I believe it will be just one of the reasons they will one day lead an attack against Israel.  The plan will be simple, Russia will gain all natural resources rights for their part while the Islamic nations will realize a 60+ year dream of finally destroying Israel.  This marriage will be drawn up in hell but will end up in the hands of the Master (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  In the end, this Russian lead alliance will be destroyed.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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                                                                                                                                               Updated June 08, 2010 

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