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Turkey signs deal with Arab neighbors to create free trade zone

Turkey has signed a free trade and movement agreement with its Arab neighbors of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon to establish a level of cooperation.  

This is bad news for Israel in that it serves to unify Arab nations.  The flotilla crisis has boosted Turkey's reputation in the Middle East to star status.  Everyone in the region wants to be a part of anything that they are involved in.

It also brings together sleeping Middle East giants that previously had no interest in muddying up the status quo.  Egypt, under the control of Hosni Mubarak, has been quietly sleeping in the Middle East for the past two decades.  If they were to suddenly wake up militarily and unify the Islamic world that would be Israel's real nightmare.  A fractured Islamic Middle East poses no threat to Israel, but that could all change if Egypt were to suddenly rise to the presence they once were.  George Friedman of Stratfor Intelligence Report wrote this in a recent Jewish World Review article:

The most important change for Israel would not be unity among the Palestinians, but a shift in Egyptian policy back toward the position it held prior to Camp David. Egypt is the center of gravity of the Arab world, the largest country and formerly the driving force behind Arab unity. It was the power Israel feared above all others. But Egypt under Mubarak has shifted its stance versus the Palestinians, and far more important, allowed Egypt’s military capability to atrophy.

Should Mubarak’s successor choose to align with these forces and move to rebuild Egypt’s military capability, however, Israel would face a very different regional equation. A hostile Turkey aligned with Egypt could speed Egyptian military recovery and create a significant threat to Israel. Turkish sponsorship of Syrian military expansion would increase the pressure further. Imagine a world in which the Egyptians, Syrians and Turks formed a coalition that revived the Arab threat to Israel and the United States returned to its position of the 1950s when it did not materially support Israel, and it becomes clear that Turkey’s emerging power combined with a political shift in the Arab world could represent a profound danger to Israel (JWR).

This is a very real danger for Israel that many have overlooked.  The flotilla crisis has unfortunately served to wake up many in the Middle East and will in fact force the US to choose sides when war breaks out.  The US will find it difficult to choose between Israel and NATO ally Turkey, but when Russia enters the mix, they will back away quickly.

It is my belief that Russia will use Islamic anger to unite the Middle East against Israel in order "to take a spoil" (Ezekiel 38:12). Israel is in the process of reaping a great economic harvest in natural resources.  If you are not aware, they just discovered a tremendous natural gas find that is so large, it is expected to make them a natural gas exporter for many years down the road.  On top of that, oil was discovered along with the natural gas.  To give you the significance of this discovery, Lebanon is now trying to claim that this major reserve is partly on their land.  A London paper reported that the reserve "extends into Lebanon's territorial waters, which forces on Lebanon a new challenge and introduces a new issue to struggle over."  This will not be the last major gas or oil reserve Israel will find, and you can bet, gas and oil rich Russia will be looking on from afar. By the way, just today, Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the worlds number one oil producer (article). 

Breaking news: More evidence has been reported that Gaza is not starving but is in fact no worse off than any other community in the free world.  The flotilla crisis has put the spotlight on Gaza and more reporters are beginning to take notice and report on the truth of their supposed plight.  To give you an example, in a June 3 report, Janine Zacharia of the Washington Post wrote, "If you walk down Gaza City's main thoroughfare - Salah al-Din Street - grocery stores are stocked wall-too-wall with everything from fresh Israeli yogurts and hummus to Cocoa Puffs smuggled in from Egypt. Pharmacies look as well-supplied as a typical Rite Aid in the United States (Israel Today)."

There is much more written about the conditions in Gaza that you need to read.  To read the entire article click here.

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                                                                                                                                               Updated June 10, 2010 

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