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Iran on war alert over "US and Israeli concentrations" in Azerbaijan

Last week, it was reported that a US aircraft carrier and eleven accompanying warships (including one Israeli ship) crossed the Suez Canal headed for the Persian Gulf.  Today, it is being reported that US and Israeli troops are being concentrated on army and air bases in Azerbaijan .  Azerbaijan is located on the northwestern border of Iran.  In a rare instance, Iran has declared a state of war and massed Revolutionary Guard troops and equipment on the border to confront this military buildup.  "The mobilization is due to the presence of American and Israeli forces on the western border," adding, "Reinforcements are being dispatched to West Azerbaijan Province because some western countries are fueling ethnic conflicts to destabilize the situation in the region, said Brig.-Gen Mehdi Moini of the Revolutionary Guards (Debkafile)".

Iranian sources are claiming that Israel has secretly transferred a rather large number of bomber jets to bases in Azerbaijan.  US troops and special forces, which have never been reported in Azerbaijan in great number are amassed on the border.  When the Pentagon was confronted about the moves, they dismissed it as normal during live fire war games. The US, Israel, and France are at currently participating  in joint maneuvers in the region.

Other reports are also indicating that Israeli aircraft are landing at a Saudi Arabia base unloading military equipment (

It's hard to say if a strike is eminent but all indications point to that possibility.  We will continue to keep you up-to-date as this story continues to unfold.

In other news, two Gaza bound flotilla ships have docked at ports in Lebanon and at least one has set sail headed first to Cyprus.  Of course, Lebanon officials say they are not responsible for what a ship does once it leaves its port, but Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak made his message clear.  “I am saying clearly to the Lebanese government,” Barak said in a statement, “you are responsible for vessels leaving your ports with the clear intention of trying to block the naval blockade of Gaza (”

Just yesterday, Iran looked to be backing down from sending a supposed aid ship to challenge the Gaza blockade, but today it appears that they have changed course. Apparently, the ships coming out of Lebanon have emboldened Iran to go ahead with plans to send their own blockade busting flotilla.  Israel is preparing for the worst including a ship full of suicide bombers.  "No one in their right mind can believe that a ship sent by the ayatollahs and their Revolutionary Guards has anything to do with humanitarian aid," said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. "I don't think there is one single country in this region and beyond that would let such an ayatollah ship come near its coasts ("

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Terry Malone
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