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Saudis coaxing PA to enter direct talks; Poll: 85% (Arabs) agree to two-state solution

A new poll finds that 85 percent of the Arab world would agree to a two-state solution with Israel and a plurality endorse a negotiated solution, though most doubt that such an outcome will happen.

Though 85% of those surveyed in six Arab countries said they were willing to support peace for a two-state solution in which Israel returned to the 1967 lines, including in Jerusalem, 55% thought Israel would not agree to give up the necessary territory, according to a poll by the Brookings Saban Centerís Shibley Telhami, which was conducted by the University of Maryland in conjunction with Zogby International. Only 14% said Arabs should continue to fight even if Israel returned to the 1967 borders (

A new poll shows that 85% of the six Arab nations favored a two-state solution is a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  It should be pointed out, the majority of those polled, believed it would never come about because Israel would never give up the land.  The Moslem world is demanding that any Palestinian state created be based on pre-1967 borders and include East Jerusalem as its capital.

Under normal circumstances I would have to agree with the poll.  In fact, if something positive doesn't happen soon, I have no doubt the region will be at war.  

However, what does the Bible say about these end times?  The Bible gives a very dark description of both war (Ezekiel 38 & 39; Revelation 6:3-8) and peace (Daniel 9:27) during these last days.  Frankly, I believe peace will be established before war breaks out, but that's not to say there won't be intermittent border wars before the Antichrist brings it.  It very well might be the constant fear of a major regional war that finally sets the stage for peace.

The poll also indicated that these same Arab nations felt strongly that Iran has the right to pursue a nuclear weapons program.  With US President Obama trying to please the Moslem world, it would be hard to conceive the US allowing Israel to bomb Iran.  I believe it is more likely the US will allow Iran to go nuclear and provide protection through the further development of the Arrow-3 anti-ballistic system.

Eventually, public opinion on both accounts will prevent Israel from attacking Iran and will bring peace to the Middle East.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone
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