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Israel Fears They Maybe Forced To Accept Multi-national Force In Future Palestinian State; Report: Iran Could Test First Nuclear Bomb In Coming Months

Bad news coming out of the international intelligence community. Although it's not much of a surprise, reports are surfacing that Iran is only months away, and not a year the US has been projecting, from testing a nuclear bomb.  

In recent months, according to a report from Debkafile, Iranian officials have been banning inspectors from entering certain nuclear facilities.  Sources believe they are trying to hide from IAEA inspectors the enormous strides they have made over the last few months.  If this report is true, Israel's window of opportunity to strike maybe virtually over.  Some believe the window has already closed with the activation and fueling of the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

In other news, US National Security Advisor James Jones is proposing that a multi-national force be placed in the West Bank in the beginning stages of a peace agreement.  Israel is worried that they will be forced into accepting this proposal. " The IDF, with the backing of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, is opposed to the idea and believes that before the Palestinians receive control over the West Bank, they need to be able to independently prevent the creation of a terrorist state ("

“Experience shows us that we cannot trust multi-national forces to do the job like in Lebanon,” one senior defense official said recently. “If the Palestinians are not capable of preventing the rise of terrorism independently, they are not yet ready to receive control of the territory ("

Look for Israel to be pushed into accepting a multi-national force in the future Palestinian state. However, I don't believe this will be the normal peacekeepers Israel is accustomed to. In order to satisfy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US will have to place an elite fighting force in Palestine that will be prepared to combat any and all terrorist threats. It is likely that CENTCOM will be given complete control over the area and will be responsible for maintaining lethal force if necessary.

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Terry Malone
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