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Sarkozy Wants To Host Next ME Peace Summit; Kadima Will Support Peace Deal 

As of midnight Sunday September 26th, the Israeli imposed building freeze ended, but reports are coming in that it only ended officially.  Sources are indicating that a behind the scenes agreement of a limited unofficial building freeze was being developed.  This agreement would allow some construction to take place in limited settlement areas.

Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to take steps to prevent negotiations with the Palestinians from collapsing.

"You must make the necessary decisions to continue peace talks, and Kadima will back every decision you make which will achieve this goal," the opposition leader told Netanyahu in a phone call (

This support from Kidima could ultimately play a major part in Israel adopting a future peace agreement and getting it through government.

Flamboyant French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Paris on Monday and announced he will ask to host a new summit with the PA, Israel and Egypt next month. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said he would be willing to talk with Abbas "at any time."

Although Abbas said he would refuse to resume talks if the freeze were not extended, he has reacted more diplomatically and placed the ball in the court of the Arab League, which is to meet next week to discuss their next move. “We will not have any quick reactions,'' Abbas said after meeting with Sarkozy.

A summit hosted by Sarkozy would take the momentum away from the Obama administration, which has failed to bridge the gaps between the PA and Israel.

He told reporters that American involvement is necessary but is not enough. "Nothing will be resolved without strong American backing," he said. "But does the strong commitment that's needed have to be exclusive? That's been the question for 10 years, since Camp David. If such an exclusive commitment was enough, we'd know it ("

The Bible says in Daniel 9:27 that the leader who brings peace will come out of the Revived Roman Empire.  Many believe this territory is today's modern day European Union.

It should also be noted that Mr. Sarkozy has Jewish roots and has a very good relationship with Israel. 

I have always believed that the US would eventually yield the Middle East peace process to the European Union. This may be the opportunity that Sarkozy has been waiting for.  I would keep a close watch on how this develops.

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Terry Malone
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