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Palestinians Could Have A State With Borders In Two Months Officials Say, But Not Necessarily An Agreement 

Certain Palestinian officials are saying that as long as Benjamin Netanyahu is Prime Minister of Israel there can be no successful peace talks.  "There will be no serious political process while Netanyahu's government pursues settlements," Abed Rabbo told Voice of Palestine radio (

However other Palestinian, Israeli, and US officials are reporting a completely different story.  According to sources, Netanyahu is very close to an agreement to extend the West Bank settlement freeze.

The Arab summit, which will begin this weekend, will determine much of what direction the Palestinian leadership will go in the immediate future.

According to a report from WorldNetDaily, the US is anticipating that Israel will fall in line with world demands. With that said, they plan on conducting intensive Palestinian Israeli negotiations with a target of creating a Palestinian state with fixed borders within the next two months.

Although most concede that the plan is ambitious it is unlikely that a it will lead to an agreement within that timeframe.

"The U.S. proposed intensive negotiations regarding borders, meaning in the coming two months borders will be clear and maybe even closed," said the source. "It's very ambitious and is a lot to expect (WorldNetDaily)."

Meanwhile, as the world waits on Israel to decide whether they will extend the building freeze, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos are headed to the Middle East to push for a summit in Paris later this month. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is pushing for his chance at Middle East peace saying that an American monopoly on the peace talks has accomplished little and may even be detrimental to the progress of peace. He also claimed that American officials have made numerous errors in their attempt to keep the peace talks going forward in the right direction. So far, both Netanyahu and Abbas have accepted his invitation along with other important Arab leaders. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also received an invitation but has yet to confirm.

It should be remembered, the Bible says in Daniel 9:27, in the last days, Israel would make a peace covenant with the Antichrist who is said to be a leader who will rise up out of the territory made up of the old Roman Empire. Most Bible prophecy scholars believe that territory is today's European Union.

In other news, Syrian President Bashar Assad has said that Israeli-Syrian peace talks are at this time up in the air. The return of the Golan Heights to Syria is still the objective in this land for peace exchange.

I was watching the McLaughlin Report, a world political news program, the other day when Mr. McLaughlin made a final prediction regarding Israeli-Syrian peace talks. He stated that he believed successful Israeli-Syrian peace talks would open up the door to the creation of a Palestinian state. That very well could be the avenue these talks take before it's all said and done.

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Terry Malone
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