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Israel Awaits Obama Construction Freeze Letter Outlining Benefits Before Final Vote

Today, there is little news regarding the progress of the Middle East peace process. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is waiting on the Obama administration to send a letter of guarantee that outlines the settlement freeze and the benefits that will be attached if approved by his security cabinet.

Under the terms of the proposal, Israel would declare a one-off three-month moratorium on new construction in the West Bank excluding annexed Arab east Jerusalem.

In exchange, the United States would pledge not to ask for a further freeze, would deliver to Israel 20 F-35 fighter jets, worth three billion dollars, and would pledge to block any international efforts to force a political settlement on Israel (AFP).

At this time, Palestinian officials have not seen the official US proposal, but insiders are indicating that it will be rejected due to reports that the construction freeze will not include East Jerusalem.

In other news, the possibility that Israel may obtain additional F-35 stealth warplanes has raised the stakes for Iran and its ability to protect its ongoing nuclear program.  The first 20 stealth warplanes are expected to begin delivery by 2015.  Pending Israeli approval of the US settlement freeze proposal, 20 additional warplanes will begin delivery by 2020.

Colonel Zvika Haimovitch of the Israeli air defense corps said that within 2 to 5 years, Israel would complete their multilayered air defense network.

Israel's skies will be hermetically protected against enemy missiles. In the next two to five years "we will turn this vision into reality," he said.  Israel's multi-layered air defense network will be fully deployed by 2015, "combining short-range rocket interceptors with kamikaze satellites that blow up ballistic missiles in space."

He mentioned the Iron Dome developed by Israel for shooting down rockets with ranges of 5-70 kilometers as one of those tiers, David's Sling for intercepting more powerful rockets and the Arrow III for boosting a satellite beyond the Earth's atmosphere to collide with an incoming missile (Debkafile).

Obviously, this is fantastic news for Israel's future security against rogue nuclear powers such as Iran. Previous test runs of this system have proven to be flawless. In time, I have no doubt that the future Arrow III system will render Iran's primitive nuclear program irrelevant. The question is, will Iran feel it necessary to attack Israel before 2015, before their air defense network is in place, and before they began receiving the first batch of 20 F-35 warplanes? Of course, it's more likely Israel will have their air defense network in place closer to 2013.

As we draw closer to the completion of this system, I can see the lessened significance (through the eyes of the international community) for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. However, Israel may feel that any enemy of theirs who is secretly or openly striving to acquire a nuclear weapons capability must be neutralized.

In the end, the Bible is clear that they will be (Ezekiel 38 & 39).

One more thing, it is expected that the UN Tribunal will indict the leaders of Hizballah for the 2005 assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.  Middle East experts believe, if this happen, Hizballah will take control of the Lebanese government.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone
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