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What Is Significance Of China & Russia Dropping US Dollar; Where EU Financial Crisis May Lead

What does this mean since China and Russia are now going to use their own currencies. What does this mean for the U.S.? After seeing videos about this on Youtube it is very clear to me that the New World Order agenda is taking place and that the Antichrist spirit is in the world.  Getting things ready.  I believe we are near the rapture. Also what do you think of the crisis going on in Korea?

Thanks for your question.

I was just thinking about the China and Russia currency situation.  For those who don't know, China and Russia have decided to drop the dollar as an exchange currency when trading with each other.  

Actually, I believe this is just one more step in the world losing faith in the US dollar...which is essentially the world currency. I don't think it's going to lead to a one world currency or government.  That will only take place when the Antichrist introduces the mark. Before that day there will be no one world government. There may be more financial cooperation but not a true one world government. China and Russia seem to be setting a tone that the rest of the world may eventually follow.

I do believe the US will lose further status as a global leader very shortly.  I have a feeling that a potential bank meltdown in the US and continued insolvency in the EU ( Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc.), the potential war between the Koreas, and the failed Middle East direct talks could spark the rapture of the church followed by the rise of the Antichrist. The Bible says in Daniel 8:24-25 that he (Antichrist) will be mighty and destroy wonderfully and shall prosper. It also says through his policies he shall cause craft (industry, manufacturing, financial) to prosper in his hand.

Both China and North Korea have warned the US and South Korea not to play with fire (hosting war games) in the region. Syrian officials have said that Israel's continued evasion of peace will lead to a Middle East war. In the European Union, "Portugal has been told to apply for a rescue from the EU bail-out fund lest Spain be sucked into the vortex, according to reports in German media ("  Now it's being disclosed that Germany, who is primarily financing the EU bailout, could be placing themselves in danger of bankruptcy.

I have to believe that at some point things are going to come to a head in the Middle East, in the Far East ( two Koreas) and in the global financial system. As the world heads toward a complete global financial meltdown with the threat of major war abounding, I believe it could be setting the stage for the rapture of the church and the rise of the Antichrist.  Certainly, I feel we are in that season but would never give a date.

I do however believe, when the Antichrist does come on the scene, he will be the one who will turn a meltdown into prosperity, hush the winds of war in the Far East, and bring about an impossible peace to the Middle East.  In a world that will quickly be spiraling toward chaos, he will calm the storms and bring about a sense of normality... temporarily.

Of course, this is only speculation, but one day the Lord will rapture of the church and the Antichrist will come, and be known for his financial success and prosperity, and bring peace to the Middle East.

That's my take on this situation. How much longer we may have before this takes place is anyone's guess but I trust it will be soon. All we can do is trust and obey at this point.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone
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