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Peace talks are officially dead: It’s time for Plan B; Egypt: Time running out for Mideast 2-state plan

Most Middle East experts have now written off the resumption of Middle East peace talks as dead. This pretty much leaves a very volatile region between continued violence and war.

Jerusalem Post writer Ami Kaufman believes the White House has only one option if the two state solution is to be salvaged...the US must endorse Palestinian unilateralism.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

The White House must begin to fully appreciate this option, since there are calls in Palestine to begin steps towards unilateralism in the very near future, and not wait for Palestinian Authority PM Salam Fayyad’s declaration of independence in August 2011.

In fact, just this week, three South American countries – Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay – have decided to announce their recognition of the Palestinian state.

What the Obama administration must understand is that unilateralism should not be perceived solely as a route taken out of frustration from the failure of peace talks. It is a solution, a route that will be taken to set into play a new dynamic – and a new set of international laws that will begin to be applied to an independent Palestine (

But the question is, whether or not Palestinian Authority is ready for statehood and to be economically self-sufficient? Virtually every expert says no despite recent steps forward in their governmental infrastructure.

Keith Dayton, former US Security Coordinator for Israel-Palestinian Authority, provided this advice toward steps in creating a Palestinian state:

“Rather than trying to sit the reluctant sides down to reach an elusive comprehensive solution within a year, the US should be capitalizing on Dayton’s achievement in order to foster an indirectly-negotiated but internationally- recognized partial solution that capitalizes on the Palestinian unilateral state-building initiative and concentrates on borders, settlements, water and security (”

The article goes on to further state that it might be a positive thing to declare a Palestinian state now, and when talks resume, they can sit down as equally recognized states and determine borders and other important issues.  I would recommend that you go to this Jerusalem Post article and read it in its entirety.

This actually is a very good idea and could play into what Bible prophecy has already predicted. Daniel 9:27 states that the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel and many. If the US were to endorse or at least, not veto a UN resolution to recognize a Palestinian state with full membership, that would be a major game changer. You can bet sanctions and isolation would follow to force Israel's hand. I have to believe international pressure would finally win out and Israel would have to agree to steps that would eventually create a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as their capital.

If this were to happen, I look for a Palestinian state to be created right away, followed by borders, settlements, water, and security to be dealt with next. Issues such as refugee right of return and East Jerusalem would be negotiated out over time. The Bible says this negotiated time will be seven years in length (Daniel 9:27).

The Bible is also clear that Jerusalem would be an international impediment to the whole world ( Zechariah 12:2-3). This prophecy was declared over 2500 years ago, but since then, Israel had been wiped out as a nation only to be miraculously reborn in these last days (1948). However, even with their rebirth, they did not have control of Jerusalem making Zechariah 12:2-3 impossible to fulfill.  That all changed in 1967, when the Islamic world posed a sneak attack on Israel. Not only did Israel fight off its invaders, they captured large sections of enemy land, and most importantly, all of Jerusalem. It was only then that it was even possible for this prophecy to be fulfilled.

Today, this prophecy has played out exactly the way the Scriptures declared. Not only has Jerusalem become a burdensome stone and a major impediment to the peace process, the whole world has come out against Israel over Jerusalem just as the Bible said.  Later, this prophecy will come into full bloom at the end of the tribulation period.

In other news, it has been disclosed that despite Iranian official denials the Stuxnet Worm has virtually brought their nuclear weapons program to a standstill. According to American security experts who specialize on worms of this advanced level, they have received a spike in traffic from Iran, whose recipients have gone to great lengths in an attempt to hide their identity.  Normally, the greatest amount of web traffic is from American sources (100 Americans for every 1 Iranian) by a long shot. However, recently, Iranian sources have overtaken the US on inquiries regarding the Stuxnet Worm.  This can only point to one thing, the Stuxnet Worm is still very much out of control and deeply hindering the function of their nuclear facilities, the expert says (

Ralph Langner, a German expert on the worm, said he was not surprised that the Iranians still had not contain Stuxnet:

“The Iranians don’t have the depth of knowledge to handle the worm or understand its complexity,” he said, raising the possibility that they may never succeed in eliminating it.

“Here is their problem. They should throw out every personal computer involved with the nuclear program and start over, but they can’t do that. Moreover, they are completely dependent on outside companies for the construction and maintenance of their nuclear facilities. They should throw out their computers as well. But they can’t,“ he explained. “They will just continually re-infect themselves.”

“With the best of expertise and equipment it would take another year for the plants to function normally again because it is so hard to get the worm out. It even hides in the back-up systems. But they can’t do it,” he said (

According to a German newspaper, Iran plans to place medium-range missiles in Venezuela that can reach the United States. Venezuelan officials have agreed to allow Revolutionary guard members to manage the base.  

These missiles are believed to be capable of being fitted with a nuclear warhead (HudsonNewYork).

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time id running out!

Terry Malone
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