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There will be no Eurobond, no increases in the EU’s €440bn (£368bn) rescue fund, and no mass purchases of Spanish and Italian bonds by the ECB. Nothing. The system is politically and constitutionally paralysed. Spain and Portugal will be left nakedly exposed before their funding crunch in January.

It is entirely predictable that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy would move so quickly to shoot down last week’s Eurobond proposal, issuing pre-emptive warning before this week’s EU summit that they will not accept “a bundling together of all Europe’s debts”.

How can Germany or France agree lightly to plans that amount to an EU debt union, with a common treasury, tax system, and budget policy, the stuff of civil wars and revolutions over the ages? To do so is to dismantle the ancient nation states of Europe in all but name (The Telegraph)

The ailing debt of poorer countries is beginning to divide the EU.  The EU's richest country, Germany, is worried that they are going to be saddled with mountains of debt trying to bail out member countries such as Ireland, Spain, and Greece with others likely to follow. German officials said they made this mistake once before during German reunification and are still transferring $60 billion a year to former communist East Germany.

But analysts are saying a German bailout is the European Union's only hope.  “If the eurozone follows this path, either all of the sovereign debts become German public debt, or the euro will collapse,” said Stefano Micossi from the College of Europe (The Telegraph).

For years, European financial experts supported a core EU where stable countries would advance to EU membership in a first phase while other countries would enter when they met the criteria of the constitution in a second phase. That option was overruled and the Lisbon treaty went into force in December 2009 with all 27 member states. 

Frankly, I believe the EU is destined to break up. As it becomes more apparent that this financial crisis will affect many more nations, I have to believe that Germany, Britain, and France will decide to break free from EU membership and form a new united Europe.

So who will be the Antichrist? Well certainly, if you have been a reader of my website for very long, you know that I don't believe he will be revealed until after the rapture of the church. Even Satan can't answer that question.

However, I do believe this current EU financial crisis could lead to the forming of the 10 kingdoms that the Antichrist will lead (Daniel 7:24; Revelation 17:12). I lean toward the Antichrist being chosen out of these countries to lead this new block of nations (Revelation17:12-13). Whether his appointment will be immediate or years down the road is unknown.

Of course, I do not know the future, but the Bible does state that the Antichrist will rise up out of the region known as the new Roman Empire. Most prophecy Bible scholars believe that to be today's European Union. As stated earlier, present membership in the European Union stands at 27 member states.

Certainly, following the rapture of the church, many things could change. One major factor that will be taken from this world is the protecting power of the Holy Spirit. I've said this in the past, we simply don't understand what kind of world this would be without the presence of the Holy Spirit. One day soon, that day will come!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time id running out!

Terry Malone
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