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A Message From Someone In Syria: What's Really Happening In Syria! Is Civil War Coming?

I have subscribers all over the world, including the Middle East.  Recently, I had one of these subscribers email me who lives in the United Arab Emirates but also travels to Syria.  Over the last few days, I have had a number of correspondences with this individual.  This is what they had to say about what is really going on in Syria (7-31-12):

Emailer: Hello, I have been a subscriber since 2007. I'm in Syria right now.  The situation is very bad!  We've got jihadists coming in from all parts of the world.  They are already threatening us Christian minority as well as the Alawites that they will completely get rid of us.  The situation is a disaster! The country is about to be taken over by a bunch of maniacs.  They are burning down churches and killing continuously and they think they are going to go to heaven for it. I seriously do not understand why everyone is on their side. This is no "revolution"!!

I received a second email two days later.  Much of what is said is in response to questions I had them (8-1-12:

Terry Malone: Have you been a subscriber to my website since 2007 or a subscriber to Youtube since 2007? Your report sounds about right. I certainly believe you. Can you leave the country. I noticed that you are originally from UAE.

Emailer: I have been a subscriber to your channel (Calvary Prophecy Report) since 2007, as I was always interested in the bible and in Christ. I am going back to the UAE  in about 2-3 week . I visit Syria every year. The situation in Syria wasn't that bad until up to 2 weeks ago. The media has ganged up on the country leading to a major psychological problem within the people...and we've got Muslim teachers sent from Saudi Arabia telling the Muslims that if they kill anyone that has any relation to the government or doesn't support their (Muslim brotherhood cause) they will go to heaven instantly. We've got children killing teachers in schools. A number around 9,000 Christians have been killed many people including a lot of the churches have sent messages to the Vatican and other entities but none of them seem to care. The situation is about to get much worse as people keep purchasing arms and ammo and keeping them. (Waiting for the civil war to start). To be honest there hasn't been much defections in the Syrian army as most of the army comes from the Alawite, Druze, and Christian minorities which will all suffer if the president goes down due to the fact that the rebels are claiming that the country should be ruled under Sharia law. Believe me when I tell you - most of the country is against them--people are disgusted of the atrocities they are committing and many are starting to volunteer in the army.  It is far from over-unlike what the media is portraying.

I have to believe this war is far from over and will likely carry on into 2013 as this subscriber has noted. 

I passed this correspondence on to you to give you a first account by someone who is on the ground in Syria. I will not reveal their name for security purposes but will continue to pass on other direct information they may share in the future.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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