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Why Atheist/Agnostics Believe The Bible Is True But Completely Misunderstand It!

Atheist/Agnostic Message
I would say burn in hell, but it's not real.

My reply
Thank you for coming to my website.  This is likely one of your last chances to come to the Lord or as you put it burn in hell once you die.  You believe in God as all atheists & agnostics do.  In fact, you once had a relationship of some sort with the Lord.  But your relationship was built on a misunderstanding.  Unfortunately, today's churches have been teaching this incorrect relationship to virtually every new believer.  When it doesn't come true they question the promises of God, and eventually, become bitter against God deeming Him to be a figment of our imagination. 

What is this prevalent message being spread throughout the church and to virtually every new Christian?  That God has a wonderful plan for your life and that He is out to make you a success in this life.  Unfortunately, that is only half true.  Yes, God does have a wonderful plan for your life, but it's His plan.  This plan stretches on into eternity and includes Christian growth that is often painful.  It also requires faith.  The Apostle Paul is a good example as to how God goes about molding a Christian in preparation to do the task He has in store for them.  II Corinthians 11:19-30 describes a list of setbacks, distresses, trials, persecutions, and near death experiences that he went through in God's process of growing his faith.  Most people today believe, when they become a Christian, life becomes a smooth sailing machine.  Of course, they are in for a reality check and certain disappointment.  Frankly, this is where most professing Christians drop out.  Some will go as far as becoming an atheist or agnostic.

When a person becomes a Christian, the Bible says they are voluntarily giving up their life to do God's will.  That means you make a conscience decision to turn your life over to the Lord for whatever He has planned for you.  From this point on you are on mission for the Lord. 

But for the vast majority of Christian's, they believe they are giving over their lives to the Lord for Him to do wonderful things for them.  Kind of like a personal genie.  They believe it is now God's responsibility to make them successful in this life.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Here's why. 

When you become a Christian you are now in God's service to do His bidding not the other way around.  If you were to join the army, and after a few months, came to your commander and said, "Sir, I thought the army was suppose to be a wonderful care free life.  You said you were going to make me happy.  Why are you sending me into a war zone?"  Your commander would look at you and think you were crazy.  What do you think you signed up for? 

As a Christian, you have signed up to do whatever God's bidding is.  And truthfully, it could cost you your life.  But more likely, you will be persecuted and could suffer personal and financial loss.  But God has promised to never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).  That doesn't mean He is going to make you rich or give you your every desire.  What it does mean is He will give you what you need to accomplish the mission He has set before you.  That's also what the army will do.  When you go to war I can guarantee there will struggles, let downs, and defeats.  Physical earthly war, just like spiritual war, is not easy.  Satan and his demons are out to defeat you very quickly and at every turn.  And that is made much easier when churches teach that God has a wonderful, magnificent, and exciting plan for your life when it fact it is filled with struggle, heartache, and defeat. But as stated earlier He has promised to see you through it.  Meaning, even though you will have many difficulties throughout your Christian life He promises to take you through them in His time...not yours!  And His way...not yours!

As a Christian, who has come to the same crossroad you are traveling, I realized in my bitterness (toward God) that the Bible actually taught that I am a servant of God and placed on this earth to do His bidding not the other way around.  As I studied the Word of God, I realized that His great and wonderful plan for my life could include persecution, financial loss, poverty, pain, being jailed and tortured, and possibly death.

You may say, "I didn't sign up for that!"  Unfortunately, that is true for most of today's Christians.  If that were the normal Christian life the vast majority would drop out.  But for the vast majority of Christians they enjoy personal (financial) success that far outweighs the losses.  They incorrectly believe that this is the ultimate sign that they are in the will of God and that God is truly blessing them.  But financial and personal success does not equal being in the will of God.  Most of today's Christians will never know or understand the will of God because their walk with the Lord is focused around their personal successes and blessings.  It is a "bless me Lord first" Christian society we live in instead of a "use me Lord for your plan and purpose" Christian society.

Unfortunately, when this Christian philosophy doesn't work out it leads to discouragement, disappointment, unanswered questions, and ultimately to bitterness toward God.  If not corrected, that bitterness turns to incorrect thinking and to turning away from God.

Even though you claim there is no God or heaven or hell, at some point you had a relationship with Him.  An incorrect relationship, but none the less, a relationship.  You see, it is not logical nor consistent human behavior for someone to spend time (any time) denouncing something they do not believe exists.  Nobody spends time arguing over the fact that the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.  You wouldn't spend one second blasting someone who believed in Santa Clause and neither would I.  Why, because it is silly to even entertain the thought that these well known mythical characters exist.  Nobody in their right mind will argue that point. 

Using that same logic, you say their is no God or Savior Jesus Christ.  However, it is obvious you once had a relationship with Him, but at some point walked away.  By your action of contacting me, blasting me for serving this (mythical) Lord and God, you in essence are saying you believe God does exist and is real.  No one in their right mind would ever email me and vehemently blast me for believing in the Tooth Fairy or any mythical character (and they never have).  I can bet you have never been on a Muslim website and blasted their god Allah arguing that he does not exist.  That's because he doesn't exist and logical thinking people would never argue or waste any time blasting something that they are convinced does not exist.

With that said, it is obvious you believe in God and at one point in your life tested Him (had a relationship) to see if He was true.  Unfortunately, God never responds to ultimatums by humans (do this for me or else).  He is the creator of all things, and as His servant, you have been placed here to do His bidding...not the other way around.

I would strongly encourage you to thoroughly search the Bible and ask the Lord to show Himself to you.  Ask Him to direct you and lead you into all truth.  Lastly, I would encourage you to repent and turn your life completely over to the Lord for whatever He has for you to do with no personal expectations or reservations.  Frankly, that is the only way He will take you. 

However, if you continue on the path you are now on, He will eventually withdraw the drawing of His Holy Spirit and turn you over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1:19-32).  That is a mind that is unchangeable and fixed against all that is God.

It's your decision!  Choose today whom you will serve.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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