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Report: Israel Talking A lot About Iran Attack; But It's Only A Ruse To Enhance Cyber Attacks

In a recent article by Israel National News, the article's headline, "Talk of Military Attack May Be Cover for Cyber War on Iran," is a reminder of a major internal war against Iran's nuclear program. Frankly, this is the war that is likely to take place rather than a physical attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.  I've said many times that if Israel is talking out loud about an attack against another country or target it's likely that it's only a smokescreen for something else planned. Is Israel about ready to launch an attack against Iran?  It's hard to say either way, but this article does explain a lot.

Below is an excerpt of the article and explains what could really be going on behind the scenes:

Journalists are scratching their heads to figure out why Israeli and American leaders are leading a daily chatter of a military attack on Iran, but the flow of words may be a ruse to give Iran a double jolt as its deep fear that a cyber war can knock out its nuclear program prompts Tehran to try to setup a domestic Internet network.

“The regime no longer fears a physical attack from the West,” Mahmoud Enayat, director of the Iran Media Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications, told The Wall Street Journal recently. “It still thinks the West wants to take over Iran, but through the Internet.”

Computer geniuses can literally take over Iran by taking control of its nuclear sites through technology, Minyanville financial website’s staffer Justin Rohrlich wrote Wednesday.

A spate of cyber attacks, such as the Stuxnet and Flame virus and Malware, may have scared Iran more than the nearly daily threats from Israel that it will strike its underground nuclear installations.

Iranian cleric  Hamid Shahriari said in March, “We have identified and confronted 650 websites that have been set up to battle our regime – 39 of them are by opposition groups and our enemies, and the rest promote Western culture and worshiping Satan, and stoke sectarian divides. We are worried about a portion of cyberspace that is used for exchanging information and conducting espionage.”

Iran’s Ministry of Communications recently announced it would launch its own Internet and shut out uncontrolled web services, blocking Iranian from access to the rest of  the world.

Rohrlich quoted Craig Labovitz, the co-founder and president of Ann Arbor, Mich.’s DeepField Networks and a former scientist at Microsoft, as saying, “The Internet really is not that hard to take down. I personally broke the U.S. Internet on a couple of occasions” by accidentally making a mistake in a code. He said the error caused him to “knock off most of the colleges and universities in America.”

Iran’s solution of creating its own “Halal”  Internet may hasten its demise because such a move could cripple its economy.

Eva Galperin, international freedom of expression coordinator at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Rohrlich, “Complete disengagement from the greater Internet is not politically or practically feasible (Israel National News)."

I've always wondered, if Israel was going to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, why didn't they do it years ago.  I believe this article could explain the reason why. Over the last few years, I have read a number of articles that have outlined how easy it is to sabotage and shutdown the banking system, government institutions, and the Internet as a whole.  A nuclear facility computer network is just another network system. And although it might not cause a permanent shutdown, it may be long enough to disrupt and setback the program for months and possibly years.   

Does Iran have more reason to be worried about a cyber attack on its nuclear facilities than a physical attack? I believe they do. Both Israel and the US are global leaders in the world of computer technology and cyber warfare. The Stuxnet and Flame viruses are said to be only the beginning. Scientists say these progressive virus technologies next wave goes beyond disrupting government networks and nuclear facilities. The ultimate endgame (by the perpetrators) is to actually take over control of a nuclear weapon and use it against the country that built it. So even if Iran does successfully create a viable nuclear weapon, US and/or Israeli military scientists may have the technology to secretly infiltrate their (Iran's) network system and take over control of the weapon. This done without their knowledge, and worst of all, after losing control of the weapon, there would likely be no way of preventing it from being used against them.

Certainly, this is speculation, and without very high government clearance, verifying the validity of this news report would be impossible.  But it does give you an open window into the possible realities that could lie ahead.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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