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Israeli Newspaper Believes Obama Bringing Forced Peace Message

On Wednesday, negotiators for the the P5+1 met with Iranian representatives in Kazakhstan and agreed to reduce some sanctions as a sign of goodwill to the talks:

"The deal allows Iran to keep a limited amount of highly enriched uranium — but not make any more — stops short of demanding the full shutdown of an underground nuclear facility, and offers to remove some trade sanctions that have hurt Iran’s economy (Times of Israel)."

Iranian leaders called it a "turning point" in negotiations, but US negotiators said the more crippling oil and financial sanctions would remain.

The question has been asked if it would be wise for US President Barack Obama to make a special trip to Iran?  Certainly, that would be ideal but security concerns would likely rule that possibility out.  But I do see the day coming when an agreement with Iran is reached, however shallow it may turn out to be.  The only question, how much this future agreement will end up being at Israel's expense? 

Here's a big story that I believe everyone is missing because they have their attention completely focused on Obama's March 2013 visit to the Middle East and who the next Pope will be.  

Russia may become drawn into military conflicts as world powers begin to vie for energy resources in the next two decades, said Valery Gerasimov, the head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

By 2030, the level of “existing and potential threats will significantly increase,” Gerasimov said during a security conference in Moscow, according to Interfax.

Leading world powers will soon begin to struggle for fuel, energy and labor resources, as well as new markets in which to sell their goods; some powers will “actively use their military potential,” he explained (RT).

The Bible says (Ezekiel 38:4) that Russia will one day soon be hooked into a last ends war that they won't be able to walk away from. This Biblical war known as the Gog & Magog War will place Israel in a last days life and death struggle with Turkey, Iran, and much of the Islamic world who will be lead by Russia.  For Russia, the attack will strictly be business, but for their Islamic partners it will be a chance to settle a score that dates back thousands of years.  Fortunately, the Biblical script for this epic battle has already been written and we know who comes out on top.  However, this news article seems to solidify and give further credence as to the direction this prophecy will likely start. 

Many believe this scenario could never play out as long as there is a US military presence in the Middle East. That's likely true.  For sometime now, US military analyst have stated that their interest is shifting from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific.  US is making plans to shift it's resources to that area of the world very soon.  Yes, they will keep a presence in the Middle East but not to the extend of the last fifteen years.  

In a recent Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey) article, the question was asked if the US was about to exit the Middle East?  Here's how the author addressed this question:

There are three reasons for the U.S. presence in the region: the security of Israel, the protection of Gulf sheikdoms and the containment of Iran. But U.S. ability to project power in the region is declining as a result of domestic developments and due to its intention to refocus its attention toward the Asia-Pacific.

But this does not mean that the U.S. will totally disengage; this will happen gradually. There is no power to fill the gap. This brings Turkey into the picture. When you look at the region, Turkey is the biggest economy. Turkey is, by definition, a regional power to reckon with. Turkey is no longer an obedient ally of anybody. Turkey gain self-confidence. It tells the U.S. “I am an ally but also a partner on equal footing. I will care for my own interests; don’t expect me to blindly follow what your interests are (Hürriyet Daily News).

This is the direction I see Turkey taking when the Gog & Magog War does commence.  For Turkey, this attack will be both business and personal.  Right now, Turkey is locked in a delicate Mediterranean Sea land grab with their neighbors that could escalate into war if cooler heads don't continue to prevail.  This fight for new natural gas and oil discoveries will eventually be the spark that sets off this next Middle East war.

As mentioned earlier, US President Barack Obama is heading for a historic visit to Israel later on this month.  So what will this visit center around?  This is what Ynet News had to say about the presidents visit:

Officials in Jerusalem and Washington say that Obama will not introduce a new plan during his visit to the region next month; that it is important for him to show the Jewish community in the US that he is not hostile toward Israel. This could be true. Or not.

Despite John Kerry's claim that Obama will not bring a peace plan to Israel and the Palestinian territories next month, but rather intends to listen, an American president does not travel thousands of miles just to eat hummus in Mahane Yehuda Market, place a note in the Western Wall or lay a wreath at Yad Vashem. In his second and last term, Obama wants to leave his mark on history. And he will leave a mark on history if the path toward ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will begin during his term. Obama and his associates know they can achieve glory here, between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas.

The Americans are not sentimental. In Panama, at the time, they killed thousands of innocent people just to capture a ruler they believed was a drug dealer. If they ask something of Netanyahu, nicely, they will actually be ordering him to do it. They will begin with a small step and suggest to Netanyahu that Israel reduce or stop construction in communities outside the "settlement blocs." By doing so they will be hinting that communities located outside the "blocs," even the large ones, will not be a part of the State of Israel once the permanent borders are drawn.

Netanyahu will object, cause a media uproar and maybe even shed a tear, but he will explain to us that there is no choice. And he will be right. Netanyahu knows that without America we have no life here (

We'll see.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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