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Where Do The Children Of The Tribulation Period Go If They Take The Mark?  

Question: What about the children born during the tribulation, who are given and forced to take the mark by their parents? Are these children considered as one of those who are destroyed at Christ coming or are they considered innocent and enter into the millennium with the unraptured believers?

Answer: Nobody really knows the complete answer to this question.  If I were to guess, if they are not at the age of accountability I would say that they will enter into the Millennium, but that's only a guess.  However, when the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they were commanded to take all lands God had given them.  They were also commanded to kill everyone who lived in the lands they conquered.  That include women, children, and babies regardless of their age.  No mercy was to be shown.  So based on the past, I have to believe there is a possibility they will be slain.  But if they have not reached the age of accountability they will die and go to heaven.

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Terry Malone

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