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How A Christian and Alcoholic Should To Say No To Alcohol

What is the best way to refuse alcohol?
By the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I am redeemed and dry today.....but the enemy hasn't stopped trying to take me out.

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I can only tell you from my experience what I would do.  Certainly, if you pray to the Lord to deliver you from alcohol He will.  But you will from time to time be tempted.   Most times people make it difficult for themselves to say no to alcohol because they continue to place themselves in situations where alcohol is readily available.  Where everyone else is drinking but you.  You need to stay away from those gatherings and events.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill.  Anyone who continues to place themselves in the presence of alcohol will eventually fall to it.  You can claim all day long that you are healed from drinking alcohol but eventually you will fall.  No one is immune.   So the best way to refuse alcohol is to stay away from where it is flowing freely.  I could give you a number of polite ways to refuse alcohol but it is more a matter of a matter of this substance destroying your life.

A guy who is now coming to our church is about ready to lose everything he owns including his marriage due to alcohol.  He has lost his job and has been disbarred from practicing law.  Again, all due to alcohol.  Are you ready for that to happen to you because you would rather attempt to co-exist with alcohol attempting politely refuse it.  Eventually you will give in. The Bible says to flee these types of sins for good reason (II Timothy 2:22).  I am virtually never in the presence of alcohol or where it is served.  For that reason I will likely never have an alcohol addiction.  But if I were I could fall to it like anyone else. 

My strong suggestion, walk away or never attend a function where alcohol is served or risk being re-infected by the world.

Thank you,

Terry Malone
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