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Is the Pre-tribulation Rapture True?; Will Christians Go Through The Tribulation Period?

I enjoyed your beautiful web page, but I have to disagree on regards to the rapture. I believe that Christians today are not going to have God's favor by escaping the tribulation, while millions of Christians in the past have suffered torture. Christians today are not more special than Christians in the past. Don't forget St-Paul said that Christ will come at the sound of the last trumpet, the last trumpet in revelation sounds at the end of the tribulation when Christ comes.

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Unfortunately, the last trump and the trumpet judgments are two entirely different events. The trump of God is the final call and saints will be raptured at that moment. It doesn't make any sense to blast the last trumpet and then go through seven more vial judgments. For one, we don't know the amount of time that will take place between vial judgments. It could be days, weeks or even months. Besides, Jesus isn't coming back to plagues but to fight the armies of the world gathered at Armageddon.

How many Christian's do you think are on the earth today? Most whom I have talked to regarding this subject for some reason believe that everyone who says the sinner's prayer or proclaims they are a Christian is! Sadly, they're fooling themselves. The only one's who are going in the rapture are true born again, and repentant Christian's who are living for Jesus. Surprisingly, that's the same people who will go after the tribulation is over.  Trust me, no one will be raptured who God doesn't want to be raptured. You can't fool God on a technicality (Matthew 7:21)...He knows your heart.

Personally, I'm not trying to change your mind, if you wish to believe that Christian's will go through the tribulation period that's fine. It doesn't matter because I could die before the tribulation period even begins of some horrible accident that could be long and painful. I'm certainly not going to turn from the Lord because He has caused this to happen to me and neither would any real Christian.

The truth is, the pre-tribulation rapture view only makes a Christian stay focused and attentive to being right with the Lord.  I have never come in contact with a person who became a Christian and then turned from the Lord because He did not come and rapture them.  If you ever do let me know I'd like to meet them.  I have met a lot of people who have read my website, seen how close the Lord is to coming and repented or rededicated their life to Christ. 

For some reason there is a very small movement of individuals that keep contacting me (I get 2-3 emails a month) that think believing that Jesus will rapture the church before the tribulation period begins is heresy or some false teaching. The fact of the matter is there are massive amounts of research and evidence that point to this conclusion (see my articles for evidence). 

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I am further bewildered that anyone could believe that the rapture has anything to do with salvation, the loss of salvation or a falling away of any believers. Any falling away will occur only because sin has crept into ones life and blinded them.

The only way a person can miss heaven and go to hell is if they reject the gift of God and refuse the paid in full sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. When one gets saved it is a promise to follow the Lord Jesus no matter what the circumstances (Romans 8:35). You need not look any further then the early church or today in modern day China or any Arab nation to realize that.

You have to realize that the rapture is an interpretation of the scripture that I believe to be true just as 'once saved always saved' as opposed to a person believing they can lose their salvation. If you want to believe you can lose your salvation I'm not going to call you a heretic.  That's your business and you'll still go to heaven either way.  The only problem is,  you will question whether or not you are saved until the day you die or for as long as you feel sinless.  

The one theme I get from all those who email me, discounting the rapture, is that they are scared to death that spoiled America is not going to have to suffer. That we are fooling ourselves if we think we are going to dance off to heaven while the rest of the world is persecuted and killed. Well it's too late! I can name a multitude of Christians who were spoiled to death and lived charmed lives and died during our generation. What about them, why did they get to serve the Lord, live in luxury and die in peace? They weren't tested or tried through the tribulation fire. As I stated earlier, I could die tomorrow and I would have lived a blessed life serving the Lord free of tribulation or persecution and go to heaven.

There is one thing I believe that many people are forgetting that I have never forgotten. When I became a Christian it was like being inducted into the armed forces.  I may be called upon to die for my faith. The Bible is very explicit about that possible fate…meaning it shouldn't be a surprise if we are persecuted, beaten or put to death. In fact, the Bible goes even further to state, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple (Luke 14:26)." If you're not willing to die for the Lord or love Him more than your family than you aren't worthy to be His disciple. These are strong requirements that cannot be accomplished without the working of the Holy Spirit in one's life.  Of course, it is a command to love and protect your family.

If a person is a true born again Christian he will not fall away on either side of the tribulation's simply impossible.  The truth is, you can't live the Christian life in your own power and by you saying that Christian's will fall away once they realize they won't be raptured before the tribulation completely discounts why the Holy Spirit was sent back in the first place (I Timothy 1:14).  I'm sorry, but there is no New Testament reference where the Holy Spirit possesses a believer and ever leaves.  I can show you plenty of scripture where God said He would never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrew 13:5).

You have forgotten that the Bible tells us that to be persecuted or to be put to death for the sake of the Gospel is a good thing. God does not allow any Christian to go through anything that they cannot handle (I Corinthians 10:2). To be put to death or persecuted for the sake of the Gospel is an honor that God grants you. One of the five crowns you can receive at the judgment for Christians (Bema Seat) is for being put to death or persecuted. Personally, I believe God handpicks those who He deems worthy of that honor (Matthew 5:10). If Christians go through the tribulation period and are killed for our faith it will be because God has found us worthy of dying for Him...not because we need to be tried and tested. It's not to be argued over or debated, just count it all joy (James 1:2-3).

One more thing, in all the years I have been teaching prophecy I have never had one person answer this question.  If Christian's who are alive today go through the tribulation period (not raptured before) then who will Christ (and the Saints) rule over when He comes to reign for one-thousand years on earth (Millennium)?  According to you if the rapture and the Second Coming occur at the end of the tribulation period who will be left on the earth for us to reign over?  You must remember that I Thessalonians 4:13-18 says that every Christian will be raptured who is on the earth.  The Bible also says that everyone outside of Christians will take the mark (Revelation 13:8) and it's clear they will be executed at the coming of the Lord. With that said, I ask again, who will be left on the earth to enter into the Millennium? 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Thank you, 

Terry  Malone
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