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Annapolis ME Peace Summit A Go! Joint Statement Could Be In Final Stages

On the heels of rumors (last weekend) that the US sponsored Middle East peace summit in Annapolis was on the verge of being delayed or even canceled, things are beginning to take shape and the invitations have been sent out.  

In a surprise statement today, Israeli officials are saying that a joint Annapolis statement has been drafted, although, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat has denied this to be true.

"We spent till about two o'clock this morning actually trying to bridge the gaps. There are difficulties still." Erekat told Army Radio. "We're exerting every possible effort. I don't know whether we can finalize the document. We'll be meeting today also."

Israeli officials told the press that much of the major language of the joint statement has been addressed with only a few minor details to be worked out. "There are still a number of small points that have not been agreed upon," the officials said. "However, if the Palestinians do not get cold feet there will be a statement to conclude the conference."

The US is trying to broker a Middle East peace agreement before President Bush leaves office in early 2009.  With all systems on ready expectations are running high for success in future negotiations. Israeli Minister Ami Ayalon said today that he is certain "a permanent agreement between Israel will be signed by October 2008"

There is no question in my mind the coming year will be crucial in Bible prophecy and will be very revealing.  Obviously, God could take this in many directions, but in the end, peace will be established between Israel and the antichrist. 

Are we looking at the beginning stages of that fateful day? 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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