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Olmert Putting Future Of Israel In US Hands

Less than a week after the Annapolis Middle East peace summit, Israel looks to have given up more and received very little in return.  Apparently at the conference, Israel agreed to postpone a planned military operation against the Gaza Strip so that peace talks could begin December 12th. With continued terrorist attacks coming out of Gaza, this places Israel in a very vulnerable position.

This postponement leads many to believe that Israel has changed its position that the Palestinian government reign in terrorism (which included Gaza) before talks can proceed.  

It is believed, given the strength of the present Palestinian forces, both the US and Israel have come to an agreement that it will take much time and money to come up with a viable and trusted army strong enough to overcome enemy terrorist groups who would seek to overtake the West Bank once the IDF withdrew.  The US felt this force could be created while talks proceeded toward the November-December of 2007 deadline.  

And that's not the only thing they seem to be waffling on.  For about a month now, Israel has been adamant that the Palestinians recognize them as a Jewish state and have rejected all calls for a concrete timetable for establishing peace.  As it stands, both notions are all but dead.

Don't look for the Palestinians or the Arab world to give into Israeli demands that they first recognize Israel as a Jewish state before proceeding in the peace process.  They know that time is on their side.

Whether peace will be a reality before President Bush leaves office is debatable, but a timeline pushing toward that direction has clearly been defined.  This is a clear about face from Israeli Prime Minister Olmert's previous stand.

But here is the most damning concession that I believe has come out of the peace summit.  The US will now take full international responsibility for the implementation of all agreements...meaning, Israel is now at the mercy of US interests.  This is what David Vedein , bureau chief for the Israel Resource and News Agency, reported on this shocking turn of events:

"In yet another concession, Olmert stood down from his opposition to international supervision of the agreement's implementation. Nothing remains of the principle established by Yitzhak Rabin, which was maintained by all Israeli prime ministers, that only Israel would decide whether the Palestinian side had met its commitments. In the joint statement, it was stated explicitly that the U.S. would supervise the implementation of the road map's clauses and would judge and supervise the implementation of the clauses on the part of Israel and the Palestinians. The meaning of the statement is that Israel will be under close supervision by the U.S. to carry out irreversible concessions, while the Palestinians will not." Israelinsider

As I look at Israel mindlessly giving away their security it only reminds me that we are getting closer, and may be closer than we think, to the coming of the Lord.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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