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Israeli Intelligence Assessment Points To West Moving Away From Support Of Israel And Moving Toward Arab World 

A recent Israeli intelligence assessment has determined what I have predicted for years...that the West is in the process of moving away from their support for Israel and toward the Arab world.  

The report has also brought to light a plan by the US and EU that will attempt to realign the power base in the Middle East toward the Arab world through a confederation of nations.  This confederation would essentially make Israel a weakened minority in an Arab dominated region.

"The idea is based on the view in the West that a Jewish state is no longer desirable and Jews should become a minority in a much larger entity," an official said. "It's an idea that is spreading within the European elite and discussed in the United States as well."  World Tribune

The idea is that Iran is now being looked upon and should be dealt with as the old Soviet Union was of the Cold War days.  The conclusion is, both the EU and the US have essentially accepted the fact that Iran will become a nuclear power in the very near future and it is in their interest to negotiate with that in mind.  

From this report, it is becoming clear that the West is in the process of cutting their losses and accepting the possibility of a world without Israel.

Also brought up at the meeting was the concept of "one state for two people" as a viable solution to end the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Apparently, this idea is sweeping Europe and Israel is concerned that if a Palestinian state is not created soon the world could force this concept upon them.  Here is a general summary of the "one state for two people" concept:

"Theoretically, Israelis and Palestinian speak of separation; in practice they are not willing to reconcile their national aspirations with it. That's why in addition to prominent Palestinian intellectuals, an increasing number of leading Israeli and American commentators are questioning the feasibility of a two-state solution and are considering one binational state as a way to achieve durable peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

For a two-state solution to work, Israel must begin by physically removing its military bases as well as its hundreds of thousands of settlers from all the occupied territories, including Jerusalem. To create one binational state, Israel would simply get rid of the system of apartheid that has condemned both peoples to war.

One state answers the requirements of true peace that were hardly addressed, let alone resolved, in the Oslo peace process. The differences over the Palestinian refugees, Jerusalem, the Palestinian minority in Israel, the settlers in Palestine, Israeli security, borders and water could all be resolved in the framework of one shared state based on citizenship and the constitutional protection of the religious and national identity of its inhabitants.

This could be achieved in the framework of federalism, as in Belgium, Switzerland or Canada, or it could be done in the framework of a one-man one-vote system, as in South Africa. Historically, Israelis have preferred the first while Palestinians have advocated the second.

Either way, a one-state solution means the Palestinians accept Jewish settlers as legitimate neighbors and Israelis view the Palestinians as fellow citizens. The state would provide equal rights and privileges for both populations. Both would have the right to immigrate; "audah" for the Palestinians, "aliyah" for the Jews. For both, Jerusalem would be one open capital.

Automatically, the new state would have friendly and peaceful relations with its neighbors, and it would serve as an example of reconciliation and coexistence."  Herald Tribune

Certainly, if this concept were to be forced upon Israel it would mean the end in a very short amount of time.

I can't imagine Israel ever agreeing to a "one state for two people" solution, but honestly, I never thought they would have agreed to the things they have allegedly agreed to in the ME peace summit.

Make sure you take a look at this article by the World Tribune.

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Terry Malone

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