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Chamoun: Syria-Israel war is imminent; First stages of US plan to give away Jerusalem beginning to be implemented

Rumors are swirling that Israeli Foreign Minister Livni has already begun bargaining away parts of northern Jerusalem.

The US, who is mediating between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, have proposed a plan for dividing Jerusalem.  Here is a summary of the plan provided:

"The plan, divided into separate phases, among other things calls for Israel eventually to forfeit parts of the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

According to the first stage of the U.S. plan, which was obtained by WND, Israel would give the PA some municipal and security sovereignty over key Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.

The PA would be allowed to open some official institutions in Jerusalem, could elect a mayor for the Palestinian side of the city and would deploy police forces to maintain law and order.

The initial stage also calls for the PA to operate Jerusalem municipal institutions, such as offices to oversee trash collection and maintenance of roads.

After five years, if both sides keep their certain commitments called for in a larger principal agreement, according to the U.S. plan the PA would be given full sovereignty over the eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods and also over sections of the Temple Mount. The plan doesn't specify which parts of the Temple Mount would be forfeited to the Palestinians.

After the five year period, the PA could deploy official security forces in Jerusalem separate from a police force and could also open major governmental institutions, such as a president's office, and offices for the finance and foreign ministries.

The U.S. plan leaves Israel and the PA to negotiate which Jerusalem neighborhoods would become Palestinian. According to diplomatic sources familiar with the plan, while specific neighborhoods were not officially listed, American officials recommended sections of Jerusalem's Old City as well as certain largely Arab Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Jabal mukabar, Beit Hanina, Shoafat, Abu Dis and Abu Tur become part of the Palestinian side." WND

This is where the rumors come in to play.  Many believe that the revelation of this US proposed plan is proof that Israel is in the beginning stages of working through the various stages.  Could we be witnessing the early stages of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to divide Jerusalem?

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has gone on record of saying that he has no doubt that Israel and the Palestinian Authority can come to an agreement before the end of 2008.  He just has a hard time believing that they would be able to implement it since any agreement made would require that they put an end to terrorism.

"I don't see any chance of us being able to implement an agreement in the near term," the Prime Minister said, Prime Minister Olmert angrily dismissed criticism that he and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are compromising on Jerusalem addressing a pre-Passover holiday toast at Kadima party headquarters in Petach Tikva. "We will insist on all the terms of the Road Map, first and foremost among them a cessation of terrorism, as a precondition for implementation of any understanding. But the first step creating a horizon of hope for us and for the Palestinians can be taken, it must be taken, and we will make every effort in order to successfully do so this year."

Dory Chamoun, founder of the National Liberal Party, one of Lebanon's right-wing Christian groups, says that war between Israel and Syria is imminent.  In a recent interview with Middle East Times editor Claude Salhani, he was asked the question, "What is your perception of the current situation in the Middle East?"  

"The situation in the Middle East is not going to remain as it is. There is a peace process going on between Syria and Israel, which is on track. How to achieve it remains the question. It is a fact that the Golan Heights is to be divided. Israel wants part of the Golan Heights. This is something the old [former President Hafez] Assad refused.

Now, to achieve that part; they will not be able to achieve it through peace, because Mr. Assad who represents a minority regime cannot say, 'okay, I will give what my father did not give.'

There will be a mock-up war between Syria and Israel. And at the same time Israel will take the advantage to beat up Hezbollah. This time they will fight in the Bekaa Valley. This is a scenario that I see unfolding."  Middle East Times

He was also asked if war broke out between Israel and Syria did he see Iran coming to Syria's aide?  His response was somewhat unexpected but not shocking.  He replied that he didn't believe Iran would go to war for the sake of Syria.

Are we on the eve of war between Israel and Syria?  At some point I believe there will be war.  Whether it will culminate during the attack by the Russian-Islamic Alliance (War if Gog and Magog; Ezekial 38 & 39) or at another time is unknown.  Some in prophecy circles believe that Isaiah prophesied that Damascus (Syria) would one day be completely destroyed (Isaiah 17:1).  Obviously, that day has not yet been fulfilled.  Could the stage be in the process of being set at this very moment?

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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