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US refuses to help Israel attack Iran; U.S. puts brakes on Israeli  plan for attack on Iran nuclear facilities

An unnamed source told Reuters that the US has made it clear to Israel they would not help them carry out any attack on Iran and has flatly refused to sell them the necessary weapons to carry out such a mission on their own.  "Instead they had offered to improve the Jewish state's defenses against surface-to-surface missiles." Reuters  The US has essentially forbidden Israel (in secret) to attack Iran.  It will be interesting to see what direction Israel takes as we approach the end of 2008 and draw closer to the projected time when Iran is believed to become a nuclear power.

Many are looking on at the Russian invasion of Georgia as a temporary battle for which world diplomacy will eventually win out.  At present, that seems to be the case, but as time has passed, affording me more time to analyze the situation, I believe a few important messages were sent to the West.  First, Russia has finally spoken out militarily regarding the US perceived alliance with former Soviet states.  Frankly, the US building close relations with former Soviet states is like Russia resuming close ties with Cuba, and new friend Venezuela.  We (USA) would not think of allowing Russia to build a missile shield in our hemisphere (Cuba, Mexico, and/or Canada) as was demonstrated with the uproar over the recent landing of Russian bombers in Cuba.  Second, although the US military is far-reaching, this proved it had little power over an advancing Russian military.  Many in Georgia questioned their alliance with the US wondering out loud where their U.S. allies were when the Russian tanks began to advance.  US allies talked tough toward Russia, but militarily, they turned their back on Georgia.

Prophetically, this sheds light as to how far US allies are willing to go to protect their so-called global partners.  Look for the US to repeat this scenario when Israel is suddenly facing eminent destruction by an advancing Russian-Islamic Army in the coming future (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  

As of late, Russia has learned a very important lesson regarding the United States.  They will not be pushed when it comes to their own hemisphere (Cuba), but they are definitely not willing to go to war (specially with  Russia) over somebody else's regional fight.  With Obama projected to be the next US president by virtually every political expert around the world don't look for that policy to change but rather to become more solidified.  One things for sure, if I was planning an attack against an American ally it would be at the beginning of the new president's term.  The last thing the new president will want is to get involved with is a new conflict...and it certainly won't involve Russia.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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