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Could Israeli Electric Car Revolution Be What Brings Russia Down On Israel? 

An electric transport company is to install thousands of recharging points for electric cars across Israel ready for commercial use by 2011 in the first such nationwide network.

The firm, Better Place, showed off its first charging spot yesterday at a car park above a shopping centre in Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv. In a pilot project, it will install 500 of the charging points by the end of this year in cities, including Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. It expects to have 500,000 charging points by the time the first cars are marketed.

Moshe Kaplinsky, head of Better Place Israel, said the firm believed it presented a fundamental challenge to petrol-driven cars. "This vision is to stop this addiction to oil," he said.

"The profits of oil, we know where they go," he told a news conference. "Unfortunately a great part of the resources of oil are held by countries that don't share the same values we cherish in the western civilisation where we live. The gap is very clear between the price of producing a barrel of oil and the price that it sells for on the world market. And in some places these profits finance terror."

Better Place, which is based in Palo Alto, California, has signed deals for similar electric car networks in San Francisco, Hawaii, Denmark and Australia, but the project in Israel is seen as its pioneer system. The firm has signed agreements with the Israeli government and Renault-Nissan, who will supply the electric cars.

If nothing else, this is a remarkable innovation.  The pilot project is a joint effort between Better Place Israel (the electric car company), the Israel government and Renault-Nissan.  This concept is catching the eye of global government officials, and if tests prove successful in Israel, you can expect it to take the world by storm.  Read the latest article from and click on all the links above regarding this story...all are short videos.

Of course, my interest in this story is strictly for prophetic reasons.  For years, I and other prophecy experts have speculated as to why Russia would march on Israel as foretold in Ezekiel 38 & 39.  Certainly, a great Israeli oil discovery could be a viable reason and should not be dismissed.  Another reason could be pure demonic driven hatred for God and His chosen people.  You can bet this is the hidden motive but will most likely be manifested through means of greed and deception.  

As I have discussed in previous articles, Russia's military might and economy are driven almost exclusively on oil profits.  If the demand for oil were to be eliminated or dramatically reduced that would mean the end of Russia and their quest to regain its past superpower status.  Frankly, surging demand and sky-high oil prices have paved the way for the recently emerging Soviet style government. Without oil profits, Russia's military machine will stop dead in its tracts.  So if Israel succeeds in perfecting the electric car and becomes the global industry standard, this could be a viable reason as to why Russia would take part in this future prophetic attack. 

This theory is only speculation, but ask yourself this question...of all the technically advanced countries, many of whom are much larger than Israel, why in these last days has such a tiny country become ground zero for this emerging and very important technology? 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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