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Livni: Sarkozy understands Ďthreatí to Israel

Israel is poised to launch a major ground offensive into Gaza tonight after allowing hundreds of foreigners living in the devastated territory to evacuate.

After a week of air strikes that have killed at least 420 Palestinians and left scores of buildings in rubble, the Israeli army was set to fling hundreds of troops and tanks into a blitz to stamp out Hamasís military wing, The Times understands.  Timesonline

Israeli officials say that Hamas has also acquired dozens of Iranian-made Fajr-3 missiles with an even longer range. Many fear that as the group acquires ever more sophisticated weaponry it is only a matter of time before the nuclear installation at Dimona, 20 miles east of Beersheba, falls within its sights. Dimona houses Israelís only nuclear reactor and is believed to be where nuclear warheads are stored.  Timesonline

France understands the threat Israel faces, Tzipi Livni said after meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"President Sarkozy knows the situation well, and the complexities in our region. He understands the nature of the threat to which Israel is confronted," Israel's foreign minister told journalists as she left the Elysee Palace in Paris on Thursday evening.

In response to questions about an eventual cease-fire, Livni said, "The decision that the operation has met its objectives will be made according to daily evaluations." Livni also told reporters that the "humanitarian situation in Gaza is exactly how it should be."

Barring a miracle from God, sources say that an Israeli ground offensive against Hamas will possibly start tonight. Personally, I don't think Israel is in any hurry to start this ground offensive, but they simply do not have any other choice. The Bush administration and Egypt have the right idea telling Hamas that they could end the siege if they would just stop firing rockets into Israel. I doubt they will have that much common sense to abort certain death.

French President and former EU president Nicolas Sarkozy is flying in on Monday in an attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement. In the event that Mr. Sarkozy does bring about a peaceful settlement, both the Israeli and Egyptian administration believe that a UN peacekeeping unit should be put in place to prohibit further rocket launches into Israel. Of course, if Hamas, like Hezbollah, decides to embark on a major rocket offensive, there is very little a weak UN peacekeeping army can do.

There are several things that an astute prophecy student should be watching for as this scenario continues. One, be watchful as to whether or not French President Sarkozy makes any positive headway toward establishing peace between Hamas and Israel. For some reason, Israeli leaders believe that the French president understands their plight. Remember, Mr. Sarkozy is Jewish and that could turn out to be a big bonus in winning over the Israeli people as well. 

This war has also divided the Islamic world with Egypt and Saudi Arabia lashing out at Hezbollah and Iran. Certainly, that doesn't mean Egypt or Saudi Arabia are on Israel's side but have drawn a line in the sand indicating that it is in their best interest to side with the this time.

Two, if a cease-fire is accomplished, that could lead to the placement of either UN or French soldiers on the Gazan-Israeli border. If you remember, during Mr. Sarkozy's 2008 Israeli visit, he said he would do whatever it takes, including supply French troops, to enforce any peace agreement that he brokers. 

As you know, French President Nicholas Sarkozy is one of my top prophetic persons of interest. It would not surprise me if he were to establish significant inroads to peace before the end of his visit. If Mr. Sarkozy is able reach a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and place a real military presence on the Gazan-Israeli border this could be the first step to acquiring Middle East peace. With both Hamas and Hezbollah in check, I believe the remaining Middle East dominoes will fall. Of course, we know that the Bible teaches that these terrorist groups will rise again.

As far as Mr. Sarkozy's future is concerned, he left his most recent turn as EU president indicating that this would not be the last we would hear from him as a European Union leader. Also, he has been critical of the current European Union rotating format stating that the EU should be run by the larger member countries. The new incoming EU president is Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek one of the smaller lesser known members. Keep an eye on this situation. It could play into the formation of a new ten member European community where Mr. Sarkozy is made the leader (Revelation 13; Daniel 7:24).  

Special attention should also be given to the fact that the EU is also sending a delegation of their own to try and broker peace between Israel and Hamas.  French President Nicholas Sarkozy is acting as a peace broker as a representative of France and not the EU.  I have a feeling that Mr. Sarkozy will significantly upstage the European Union representative further escalating a power struggle in the EU.

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Terry Malone

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