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EU said readying plan to restore Fatah-led PA rule over Gaza crossings

"According to the proposal, Palestinian security personnel loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas would govern the border crossings with assistance from Turkish and French soldiers who would be stationed as monitors, the Times reported."

"Jerusalem has said it will not agree to a ceasefire unless it contains regional and international commitments that will prevent Hamas from smuggling rockets into the Gaza Strip that could strike deeper into Israeli territory."

Israel has allowed a Hamas delegation to leave Gaza en route to Egypt for peace talks just as Israel has announced an escalation in the war. This could be a sign that Hamas is ready to negotiate before all of its tunnels and exits are eliminated.

Egypt is now being included as a war criminal by some in the Islamic world for not allowing Hamas and other foreign fighters free passage into Gaza to help fight off the Israeli assault. This is just another reason why the Bible does not include Egypt in the battle of Gog and Magog and likely why they will be granted passage into Christ's Millennial Kingdom.

But getting back to the cease-fire...peace negotiators in Egypt are working on a proposal that would call for an international force to prevent all smuggling of weapons and rockets and for all border crossings to be internationally monitored. Right now the sticking points are whether the international troops will just play a monitoring role or be an actual military presence. Personally, I believe there will have to be some level of a military presence that will keep Hamas either out of the region or in check. Egypt will have to play a major role in making any peace or cease-fire possible. Without their cooperation, it will only be a matter of time before Hamas is rearmed and sending rockets back into Israel. Since Egypt is a major sponsor of this cease-fire/peace agreement I believe they will, for the most part, live up to their part of the bargain closing off all smuggling routes. I also feel that international pressure will outwardly finally wake up and demand that Hamas stop firing missiles into Israel. With diminished international support, Hamas will be limited in Gaza and may even be forced to go underground. It's even possible that Palestinian Authority leader Abbas may return to power in Gaza.

So what do I see for the future? I see Gaza being taken over by international monitors and Egypt cutting off Hamas weapons supplies. I believe that most, if not all, the tunnels will be destroyed or eliminated limiting Hamas control in the region. Without a good weapon supply the Palestinian Authority led Fatah may be able to re-occupy the area and run Hamas out of town.

Certainly, this is all speculation, but I have to believe that taming Hamas is the first step to achieving peace in the region. Of course, there is still Hezbollah to consider in the north, but depending upon how this turns out, Iran will likely put a freeze on any further attacks until further notice. 
I don't see this war ending well for Hamas, but at some future point, they will rise again. If this is the case, this may likely escalate peace efforts in the region like we have never seen before.

With the introduction of a new US president who has promised to place Middle East peace as a high priority we may see peace sooner than we think.
Prophecy Alert: "German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy have warned the US not to block attempts to build an international financial regulator, calling for a new economic body similar to the UN's Security Council.""'I've always in my political life been a supporter of a close alliance with the United States but let's be clear: in the 21st century, a single nation can no longer say what we must do or what we must think,' said Mr Sarkozy at an international symposium in Paris on Thursday (8 January), shortly before US president-elect Barack Obama enters office." EU Observer

This fight with the US over global economic dominance will eventually lead to the fall of Mystery Babylon (Revelation 14, 17-18). French President Nicholas Sarkozy is sending a strong message to the US not to stand in the way of a global economic council. It will be interesting to see how new US President Barack Obama reacts to Mr. Sarkozy's call for a new economic world order.

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Terry Malone

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