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The following article was found in The New York Times and written by Ethan Bronner.  It starts out by stating the commonly held worldview that all roads to global peace must go through Jerusalem.  "For years, a debate raged among Middle East analysts on how connected the many conflicts in the region were. One side argued, in essence, that all roads led to Jerusalem. Solve the core problem — the Israeli-Palestinian dispute — and much of the tension elsewhere would dissipate." The New York Times

Now, he states, there is a second worldview to global peace that many experts are beginning to embrace. This worldview holds that there is a split in the Islamic world between Sunni-Shia that would be affected little even if peace was established between Israel and the Palestinians. This is where, I believe, the Antichrist comes in, who will confirm a peace accord (Daniel 9:27) with many including Israel. Certainly, we must remember, that in the last days, the Bible does say that even though all the world will come against Jerusalem, they will not be successful in defeating her (Zechariah 12:3). 

When the Antichrist comes on the scene (following the rapture the church), he will work quickly to develop and implement his two pronged attack to world peace. The following excerpt outlines the likely reasoning and path this world leader could consider.

The assumption informing all the essays is that the Bush years have been a catastrophe. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have unwittingly increased Iranian power. Refusing to talk with Iran and downgrading relations with Damascus have kept Washington in the dark about those countries’ shifting internal forces. Insisting on elections among the Palestinians without realizing the strength of Hamas and then refusing to accept the results only added insult to injury.

So what do the contributors think the new administration should do? Vastly increase the role of diplomacy and thereby bring Russia aboard its Mideast initiatives. Cut the number of American troops in Iraq by as much as half within two years. Open direct dialogue with Tehran quickly. Don’t give up on counterterrorism, but remove it from its current central place. Foster reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas by, among other things, reducing demands on Hamas, and press Israel to end all construction in occupied lands even in existing settlements and in Jerusalem. All of this should be carried out through two special envoys, one for Iran and the other for the Israeli-Arab dispute.

Thus the grand bargain comes into view. Through direct, top-level negotiation, Washington gets Tehran to rethink its priorities. Russia, a key supplier to Iran, helps out. To woo Moscow, Bruce Riedel and Gary Samore suggest in their essay, the new administration should pull back from efforts at bringing Georgia and Ukraine into NATO and from plans to install missile defenses in Europe.  The New York Times

The fact that this plan is described as a "grand bargain" is really quite fitting and corresponds to many, if not all, of the criteria of the peace accord found in the Book of Daniel.

When US President-elect Obama does take charge of the world stage, I look for him to open up the diplomatic floodgates with Iran and begin direct talks with other terrorists harboring nations. The person who ultimately puts the final peace accord together is unknown, but he will give these countries legitimacy and a place at the table. Mr. Obama will likely start the plan and process but eventually turn it over to his European Union partner when other pressing domestic issues become critical. It is this person who I believe will capture the attention of the world and bring global peace...for a short season.  

This plan will look good on paper, but will in the end bring Russia and their Islamic partners down Israel like a storm (Ezekiel 38:9). The Bible even says that Israel will be living in their land in a time of peace and safety (Ezekiel 38:10-14), but a peace accord will not alter the Islamic world's ultimate goal of once and for all destroying Israel.  This attack is coming soon and this new thinking could hasten that day.  How far away we are from this becoming a reality is the question.

Prophecy Alert: Russia has decided to establish naval bases in Libya, Syria and Yemen within a few years, Itar-Tass news agency quoted military officials as saying on Friday, in a sign of Moscow's growing foreign policy ambitions.

"It is difficult to say how much time it will take to create the bases for our fleet in these countries, but within a few years this will be done without question," a military official was quoted as saying.  

This is just another sign of Russia's growing influence and military partnership with Israel's Islamic enemies.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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