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Obama reverses Bush policy of isolating and sanctioning Hamas and its Palestinian supporters 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' security officials released 42 Hamas detainees in the West Bank in a good-will gesture ahead of reconciliation talks with the rival group.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said that Hamas must recognize Israel as a legitimate peace partner if they are to be recognized by the world.  Certainly, that day seems to be far off if it is to ever come.  With the new Israeli administration headed up by Benjamin Netanyahu that only seems to complicate the issue of peace. The European Union is very skeptical as to whether Israel will fall in line with peace proposals that have already been agreed upon and the eventual creation of a Palestinian state.  But the Bible says that day will come.  Even though it seems far off, when the Antichrist rises sometime after the rapture of the church (II Thessalonians 2:1-10), he will devise a plan that will convince the world that the time for peace is now.  Whether Israel will accept it of their own will or whether it will be forced upon them is to be seen, but peace will come.  Personally, I see it coming sooner than later but it will be all in God's time.  How much time?  If you asked me before this most recent Israeli election I would've said very soon.  If Hamas were to come out and say that they now will recognize Israel that would be a huge step forward.  With Hamas now beginning to get recognition from various groups, especially the European Union, they could change their stance toward Israel for the sake of receiving world recognition.  Israel has spoken out against this but I see it continuing.  Eventually, Hamas will gain legitimacy from the US and probably will be given a place at the peace table.

Iran and Russia will announce on Wednesday a date for the Islamic republic's first nuclear power plant to go operational, the official IRNA news agency reported.

This is just one more reason why I think that a Middle East peace plan of some sort is likely to be sooner than later.  It is recognized by virtually every military expert that Israel will attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities sometime this year unless some type of peace program prevents that from happening.  With a new Israeli Prime Minister who considers Iran's nuclear program the most dangerous threat to Israel, I can't believe he will sit by idly and allow Iran to make operational their first nuclear power plant.  The future could be now!

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Terry Malone

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