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Netanyahu sworn in as Israeli PM; Blair: Mideast peace process in jeopardy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in yesterday and has made it clear that he will work toward peace with his Arab neighbors but not through the creation of a Palestinian state.  

Palestinian President Abbas, addressing the Arab Summit, said that evidence suggests that Israel is no longer interested in seeking peace with the Arab world and that world pressure would have to force them to comply. 

"I suggest that with the conclusion of this summit we begin talks with the representatives of the Mideast Quartet (US, Russia, UN and EU), particularly with Barack Obama's administration, and demand that they pressure Israel into choosing the path of peace," Abbas said.

Middle East envoy Tony Blair has also expressed concern that the Middle East peace process was in jeopardy and urged Israel to continue advancing toward the creation of a Palestinian state.  EU officials said last week that if the new Israeli government did not pursue peace and the creation of a Palestinian state that their relationship with Israel would turn hostile.

At the same time, US Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton has reported that the US and Iran are talking and have met with Iranian diplomats.

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there was rare high-level contact between Richard Holbrooke, US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mohamed Mehdi Akhundzadeh. But Iran's foreign ministry denied that any meeting took place."

I have to believe that Israel is about to receive a firestorm of protest from world leaders, including the United States, regarding their refusal to allow the creation of a Palestinian state.  Further compounding the problem is the United States new relationship with Iran that seems to be growing as the US tries to evacuate both Iraq and Afghanistan in the coming years.  It is becoming more increasingly apparent that the US needs Iran if this transition is to be successful.  It is also becoming more apparent that Israel will likely become a casualty of this relationship as the cooperation between these two nations grow.

I look for a major out pouring of world protest against Israel's refusal to continue on the path to peace.  I also look for Israel to eventually bow to this pressure.  The subject of Jerusalem may not be settled in the original agreement but will become a major stumbling block down the road (Zechariah 12_2-4).  How far down the road that will be is unknown, but the Bible is clear that some sort of peace agreement with Israel will take place (Daniel 9:27).  I firmly believe that Jerusalem will play a prominent role in why the world will march against Israel in the last days.

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Terry Malone

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