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Debkafile: Israel will be forced to sign unprecedented agreement that will threaten their very existence "in order to enhance America's hand" in Afghanistan and Pakistan

London-based Arabic language newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Saturday that peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians will be renewed at the end of April, according to Israel Radio.

As world leaders wrapped up on Friday an economic summit in London aimed at tackling the global financial crisis, a number of them took the opportunity to touch on another contentious issue by calling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and urging him to work towards a two-state solution.

Chancellor Angel Merkel phoned the new premier and underlined Germany's commitment to strong relations with Israel, but called on Netanyahu to support the peace process with the Palestinians.

According to Debkafile, the Obama administration is about to hand Israel a take it or leave it proposition that will force them to accept sweeping concessions with many of their greatest enemies (Iran, Syria, Palestinians, and Lebanon).  Although new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he will not, and is not bound to any of the agreements made in Annapolis, it looks like he may be forced to comply with the wishes of the US.  

As you know, the Obama administration is in the process of trying to straighten out the messes in both Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.  It is becoming increasingly evident that that goal will never be possible without US cooperation with Iran.  Here is an excerpt from the Debkafile article:

The Obama administration has a bitter pill for Israel to swallow for the sake of progress toward a strategic collaboration with Tehran on Afghanistan and Pakistan. It cuts close to the bone in terms of Israel's security and international standing:

1. Washington will not brook any unilateral Israeli military action that might upset US-Iranian moves towards cooperation in the Afgpak Arena.

2. Washington will apply all its resources to obstruct such action.

3. It will not be enough for Israel to stand idle as Iran develops a nuclear bomb. The Obama administration also has fish to fry with Taliban and is bent on an urgent breakthrough in Israel-Arab peacemaking for dividends relevant to this arena too.

Israel can therefore expect to be squeezed hard for sweeping concessions to Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians in order to enhance America's hand on both these tracks.

4. This will bring Jerusalem's Arab opponents to the negotiating table with loaded dice and no bar to treating Israel as the weak party.  Debkafile

The argument of Middle East peace for the sake of world peace may no longer be viable.  The US government has too big of an agenda to fill to allow the new Israeli government to stand in the way.  President Obama now realizes that in order to fulfill his commitment to leave Afghanistan he will need the cooperation from many of the aforementioned Islamic nations...mainly Iran.  With this said, Iran has come to the point that they have the West exactly where they want them, and in the process, Israel in their crosshairs.  And frankly, I believe the US is willing to make that compromise in order to obtain its objectives.  

Whether this will play out as Debkafile reports is unknown, but it makes a tremendous amount of sense to me and stands to reason why Israel has not taken action against Iran's nuclear facilities to date.  It also explains why Netanyahu, who came into office denouncing peace talks with the Palestinians, has had a sudden change of heart.  It will be interesting to see if the upcoming resumption of ME negotiations slated to begin at the end of this month will continue to sputter like past attempts.  Or will Israel be forced into accepting a deal that will be detrimental to their very existence "in order to enhance America's hand on both these tracks."

In other news, at the G20 summit in London, President Obama hailed the cooperation between the nations involved as unprecedented.  "I'm pleased that after two days of careful negotiation, the G20 nations have agreed on a series of unprecedented steps that I believe will be a turning point in our pursuit of a global economic recovery," Obama said in his weekly radio address.  PTI

The Bible says, that in the last days, during the tribulation period, the world would be led by a global leader who would require that all the world conform to his economic plan in order for them to buy or sell (Revelation 13).  This most recent G20 summit seems to be falling in line with the eventual fulfillment of this Bible prophecy, but I do not believe it will completely come to fruition until after the apocalyptic war described in Revelation, chapter six (Seals 2-4).  Following this devastating war the world will be on the brink of total collapse and in desperate need of a messiah figure. 

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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