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Tribulation Period Survival Guide Paperback Book

A couple of years back, I wrote the worldís first and only free tribulation period survival guide.  This ebook was written to prepare a lost and dying world for the most horrible time period in history.  This book is designed and written to help those left behind to find the Lord and survive the tribulation period.

Since this books creation, thousands of free e-copies have been downloaded.  Many copies have also been downloaded, printed, and given to lost family members and friends.  Knowing that the time is short, many have notified their friends and family to make them aware that this book is available.  

I have also had many concerned readers contact me asking if I had a hardcopy of this e-book available.  Their worry was, even though they made their friends and family members aware of this free book, there was no guarantee that they would download it now and be ready when the rapture does take place.  They believed the only way to guarantee their loved one would have this survival guide available in their home once the rapture took place was to physically hand it to them in a hardcopy book.  I agreed and have now created a hard copy version.

Are you worried that the rapture is about to take place leaving your lost friends, neighbors, and family members alone to face this horrible time period without any scriptural guidance or direction?  Have you prayed and witnessed to these same lost friends, neighbors, and family members for years without results?  If thatís the case, donít give up.  Make sure you leave a copy of this book with each of them before itís too late! 

When the rapture takes place, this book will first and foremost make the reader clearly aware of what has just happened and what their next step isÖto accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Next, this book will walk them through what is to come, how to prepare ahead of time, and what survival plan will most likely get them through this most horrible period all based on what the Bible says.

I wrote this book for one purpose and one purpose only that those who go through this horror time period would have a free tribulation period survival guide reference to find Jesus as Savior and a clear plan detailing how they could survive.  It has been translated into three languages, English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese with a possible reach of over 2 billion people.

If you are one of the many who are concerned about the fate of your lost friends and family members once the rapture takes place you need to purchase a copy of this book and personally place it in their hands.  Make sure they donít throw it away. They may never read it, but when the rapture takes place, they wonít be able to put it down.  This soft cover guide will now become your witnessing tool once you are gone.

My goal is to place this book in every home one community at a time.  But I canít accomplish this goal alone.  I need for you to take an active role and invest in giving this book out to every person you know that is lost.  The investment is small and is actually cheaper than downloading the free ebook and having it printed at a print shop.  I plan on starting with my family, friends and surrounding neighbors and distributing a copy to each home.  

If you are concerned about the fate of your lost loved ones and neighbors, I strongly encourage you to make this investment and get this book in their hands before it is too late! 

To purchase a soft cover copy of Rapture Happened, Left Behind, Whatís Next! click here!

Download free tribulation period survival guide e book: Click here and scroll down.

Terry Malone

Want to know more about becoming a Christian click here.

If you have been left behind, click on this link, print it out and accept Jesus Christ as Lord.  It's not too late!

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at my book "Rapture, Tribulation Period, And Beyond!", I encourage you to go to my website and explore what this book has to offer.  I believe it will give you a clear understanding of the end times and the order in which it may come.  Pick up a copy today for yourself or a loved one who does not know the Lord.  I know it will be a spiritual blessing to you and will help support this ministry.  To order a copy of Rapture, Tribulation Period, And Beyond! please click here.

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